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Keyword Research & Analysis Services

Keyword research analysis is one of the most important aspects of any successful SEO campaign. Keyword Analysis is a process wherein the best search phrases or keywords are identified that is used for prospective audiences of a website. It forms the base for an effective search engine optimization process.

Our keyword research services include the following:

  • Identifying and researching for a possible set of keywords used by your potential customers.
  • Research on contextual keywords including Keyword geo-targeting
  • Focus on all major keywords and using them both for PPC campaigns and SEO purposes

At SunTec, our competition Keyword research SEO report provides an insight to your client's target market and gives you SEO keyword suggestion or an idea on what it actually searches for on the major search engines.

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Key Features of our SEO Keyword Research and Analysis Services

Our detailed report on keyword effectiveness index analysis helps you to get keywords that will be helpful in the augmentation of organic traffic.

A Keyword Research Analysis done on your website considers issues like your target market, age group of your consumers, geographical limitations and the products and services you offer. The Keyword Research and Analysis carried out at SunTec determines the most effective keywords and SEO keyword suggestions for all the keyword categories like:

  • Generic Keywords
  • Comparison Based Keywords
  • Product and Brand Specific Keywords
  • Location/Geo Combination Keywords
  • Call to Action Specific Keywords

You may find this process time consuming in its initial stage, but you will see huge revenue coming in the long run. As our experts have vast experience and proven expertise at selecting right keywords, you will surely be able to see a huge number of visitors turning into customers. Our ability to find, refine and categorize the selected and correct keywords into manageable robust lists let you target a larger consumer base. This will ultimately result in more leads for your business.

There are a number of keyword research tools through which websites are analyzed to get the right data. We use more than one keyword research tool to get the second or third opinion on a context to provide you with accurate data.

The SEO Experts at SunTec have expertise with following keyword research tools;

  • Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
  • Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker
  • Google search based keyword tool
  • Google Trends
  • Wordpot Free Keyword Tool
  • NicheBot Classic
  • Google Insights for Search

As we have already said that keyword research analysis is an important part of overall search engine marketing process, it also directly impacts ROI. How? The keywords rankings are known to make or break an online business. The list of keywords you are going to target is either going to attract organic traffic and hence increase your search engine rankings or when used for PPC campaign will fetch direct traffic. But if you target the right keywords after comprehensive website analysis then your online business will be a success and will attract potential customers. Targeting wrong keywords will let you end up with the wrong type of visitors to your website that will have a low conversion rate and your business will not get any profit at all.

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We, at SunTec, know that an effective keyword research analysis is the groundwork to achieve effective SEO results and to kick-start the ranking process – perhaps even giving you a step up on your competitors. To know more about our Keyword Research Services, write to us at or click here to fill the “Request a free quote” form.

“I can't wait to tell you how pleased I am with your SEO services. Our Google ranking has moved up for most of the keywords since you took over. I am thrilled! Your SEO team is great to work with. They are highly knowledgeable and result oriented. Thank you for your diligent work on this.” President Retailer for baby bedding