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Google Analytics Implementation Services

To determine the success of your SEO strategies, it is important to make sure your website and marketing efforts are analyzed timely. Google Analytics Implementation is certainly the most widely used and is also one of the most widely used web analytics application to analyze and track performance of a website. Google analytics implementation services offered by SunTec helps you track the results of your SEO efforts.

As one of the most experienced Google analytics consultants, we understand that decisions made on incorrect data prove costly to a business. So, when it comes to Google Analytics set up, we at SunTec are best at it. We, as a business analytics consulting services provider, want you to have the right data, now and forever with the help of our professional GA team. We have experienced coders, trainers, marketers and analysts in our dedicated team of Google Analytics Consultants. Our Google analytics consultants have proven skills and have got great scores in the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

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At SunTec, we offer expert and best practice setup of your Google Analytics account and tracking that includes:

  • Account setup
  • Page tagging
  • User setup
  • Profile creation
  • Goal & funnel setup
  • Filter implementation
  • eCommerce tracking
  • Site search tracking
  • Advanced segmentation setup
  • Campaign tagging
  • Report scheduling
  • Custom report building

We believe that interesting is good but useful is even better. Therefore, we practice the simplest principle of making interesting information actionable with implementing Google Analytics. To do so, it is important to work on accurate data which is achievable only through conducting a Google Analytics audit. This is done in several steps, which are as follows:

Account Audit

As we peruse through your website's Google Analytic Account, we come across problems like unnecessary filters, broken links, false content reports, unnecessary profiles, missing basic features, incorrect setting, incorrect campaign tagging and no/incorrect goal strategy, and fix it.

Site Audit

Any issues concerning your website that acts as hindrance to the accurate data collection are addressed here;

  • Scanning of the website to ensure placement of correct code at right places
  • Review to track areas/features again which were not being tracked earlier
  • Cross/sub-domain issues
  • Homepage/redirect setup
  • Frames or dynamic pages
Implementation Guide

Right from our first step, we take account of all our initiatives including Advanced Features, Campaign Tagging, Site Search Tracking, Goal & Funnel Strategy, Profile Strategy, Site Search Tracking, Tracking Events, IP Address Exclusion, Basket Pages, etc., so as to bring in a list of improvements to your website.

User Guidance

We compose a document with the inclusion of best practices that you can follow internally in your organization and that helps you to carry out tasks like adding a new user, adding basic filter, creating a basic profile, building and scheduling a basic report, tagging a marketing campaign, overview of GA interface, Google analytics glossary, use of alerts and annotations and, most importantly, creating a goal, without the need of our support.

At the outset of this project, we agree to goals, set timescales and define costs for you. We then carry out the work from the Google Analytics interface. And provide necessary inputs that are required to be implemented. At the end of this project you will have an expertly deployed Google Analytics account that empowers you with abilities such as easy tracking of online campaigns, let you know from where your visitors are coming. You are also able to know about bounce rates, find and keep most successful campaigns, allow you to create better content, etc. This set up with all tracking capabilities will start bringing improvements to your website.

Discuss Your Project With Us

SunTec offers a range of Google Analytics Implementation Services that can be customized to suit your exact needs. Please click here or write to us at for Website Analytics Services; our team of Google Analytics Consultants and Experts are ready to help you throughout the process.

“We were spending huge bucks on paid advertising campaigns as well as on other SEO and web promotion tactics. Unfortunately, we had no way of calculating returns on our internet marketing spend. We sought SunTec's consultancy for this specific issue. They not only helped us successfully configure Google Analytics but also helped us track our website visitors and recognize our top result producing web pages. Their ready availability and open communication took us a great way in making strategic marketing decision and most of all in measuring our marketing returns.” Manager, Online Promotions,
Events Management Company, Boston