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Designation: Manager/Sr. Manager - International sales

Reporting Relationship: This Senior Executive level position reports directly to the Director.

Job Code: SUNSMIS11

Job Summary

As Manager/Sr. Manager - International Sales, you will be responsible for developing and implementing innovative business strategies to increase sales for our IT/ITes services across the globe. You'll oversee development of complete sales cycle including strategy, implementation, processes, systems and support for international regions in-line with market demand to achieve long term profitability. Additionally, you'll monitor customer, market and competitor activity, recommending ways to further enhance company processes and services.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Identifying market to enhance or create a new - line of business:
    • Identify opportunities and risks for delivering the company's services, including identification of competitive services, opportunities for innovation, and assessment of marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles to the business success.
    • Identify technology trends and evolving social behavior that may support or impede the success of the business.
    • Evaluate and identify appropriate new technology platforms to enhance or create the potential market for delivering the company's services.
  • Develop a full grasp of the company's strategic initiatives, services to facilitate understanding of the role of sales and marketing in meeting global strategic goals.
  • Develop the overall marketing and sales strategy for:
    • Achieving targeted sales and profitability levels in existing international markets.
    • Successfully penetrating and meeting sales growth and profit goals in targeted new markets (international).
  • Frequently discuss strategic issues affecting the organization's sales and marketing activities, status on development of new markets, and issues requiring senior executive level attention.
  • Build and expand the present capabilities of the sales and marketing functions to the levels needed to achieve global intended growth and profitability targets.
  • Provide the necessary oversight to ensure that this overall strategic blueprint gets translated into concrete tactical action plans by all reporting departments.
  • Ensure that the company engages in needed market research and market intelligence activities to identify and understand:
    • Customer needs and preferences in existing and new markets.
    • Activities of competitors and needed responses.
    • Potential opportunities to increase efficiency, or add value to customers by utilizing new methods available in the market or competitor's place.
  • Ensure that global marketing strategies and plans:
    • Create /enhance global brand awareness.
    • Price services at levels that provide sufficient revenue to meet profit goals.
    • Provide the needed promotions - optimize use of available marketing methods.
  • Optimize opportunities to engage in cross selling with both internal and external partners.
  • Act as a key spokesperson for the organization and have frequent contact with executive level representatives from customers, strategic business partners, industry associations.
  • Develop and communicate a clear vision of global growth and profitability strategy that can be translated into concrete action plans by leaders in the sales and marketing functions.
  • Establishing targets and objectives, equip your team with an engaging sales strategy to maximize revenue.
  • Ensure sales and marketing force has and uses the needed competencies, knowledge and skills to achieve both current sales targets and intended market growth.
  • Develops and implements strategies to provide needed learning and development activities to fill any gaps in existing capabilities.
  • Identify and negotiate needed partnership arrangements with other leading players in the market.
  • Effectively oversee day-to-day operations and ensure that performance is on track to achieve profit and growth objectives. Identify gaps in performance and implement needed corrective actions to get back on track.

Education & Experience:

  • MBA/PGDBA in Marketing / International sales from reputed institute.
  • Must have 10 or more years of relevant experience with substantial experience at the senior executive leadership level.
  • Experience of directing new business, managing large accounts, building strategic selling techniques

Required Skills:

  • Must be a passionate, hands-on leader with brilliant communication skills and an influential, ambitious approach.
  • He/she must also have proven experience in operating as part of an executive leadership
  • He/she needs to have a proven track record of running an international sales and marketing operation in a growing/dynamic market
  • Must be proficient to create new business opportunities.
  • A proven track record of building, leading and motivating a sales team.

How to Apply

To apply for this role, please upload your resume below, or email your CV along with your Contact Details, Current CTC, Expected CTC & Joining Time to our HR Team at or Please mention the job code and the position you are applying for in the subject field of your email.

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