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Digital Transaction Processing Services

Access to accurate, reliable, and consistent transaction processing is a key prerequisite for exceptional customer service and satisfaction. By coordinating and managing concurrent transaction data at once, businesses can simplify their sales while reaching wider audience demographics worldwide. Especially for the online enterprise, efficient transaction processing services can prove elemental for success.

However, handling transaction processing requires an apt set-up, skilled staff, continuous upgrades, specialized personnel, security interference, and frequent quality checks. Considering the time, resources, and expenses involved in the process, it’s more fruitful for companies to outsource transaction processing services while directing their in-house teams towards other core competencies.

Outsource Transaction Processing Services to SunTec India Your Ideal Partner for Reliable & Precise Solutions

At SunTec India, transaction processing services involve the collection, modification, and retrieval of data for business transactions while ensuring reliability, coherency, and consistency. Our data experts assist your enterprise by maintaining stable databases, minimizing the risk of losing user information, and processing large volumes of data in real-time swiftly.

When you outsource back-office transaction processing services to SunTec India, you get the advantage of over two decades of experience, access to a diversified team of knowledgeable transaction processing experts, and support from a skilled workforce.

Our Distinguishing Specialities

  • Services compliant with global standards and regulations
  • Stringent QA throughout the processing procedure
  • High-speed transaction processing
  • Increase response speed
  • Higher volume capacity for transaction processing
  • Enhanced overall performance
  • Consistent, well-formatted reports
  • Competitive pricing; affordable solutions
  • ISO 9001 certified for High Quality
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified for Data Security

Backed by our workforce, we ensure increased productivity, and hence profitability and growth for all our clients. By outsourcing transaction processing to us, you can prevent unauthorized access or modification of data through our multi-level security measures across different storage tiers. Be it batch processing for larger enterprises or manual processing for smaller companies with limited tasks, we have the workforce and technology to facilitate an improved operational efficiency for your organization at the most reasonable costs. Our services are competitively priced to give our clients the benefit of high-quality and cost-effectiveness at the same time.

Transaction Processing Outsourcing Services: Get the SunTec India Advantage


We generate timely and accurate results for a large number of transaction processes.


Our data experts are available round-the-clock, ensuring assistance as and when needed.

Data Security

With controlled processing, robust security frameworks, and access control, we minimize threats to your data while ensuring seamless processing.

Modular Growth

With multiple teams and diverse professionals, we employ constant upgradations to our services without shutting down the entire transaction processing unit at once.

Data Integrity

Through standardized operational modules and multiple QA sessions, we protect your data from all integrity threats while minimizing the impact of system issues.

Ease of Use

Our transaction processing services generate reports that are easily comprehensible and accessible in multiple formats.

A Complete Range of Digital Transaction Processing Services from SunTec India

Drive your company towards growth with our specialized business transaction processing services and solutions. Our extensive range of offerings include-

  • Order processing services
  • Claims processing services
    • Auto claims processing
    • Home insurance claims processing
    • Life insurance claims processing
    • Pharmacy claims processing
    • Individual physician claims processing
    • Dental claims processing
    • Institutional forms processing
    • Behavioral health claims processing
    • HCFA claim documents processing
    • ADA COB, UB, and EOB claims processing
  • Loans processing services
    • Appraisals document processing
    • Disbursement document processing
    • Credit report processing
    • Tax returns
  • Mortgage loan processing services
    • Appraisal report processing
    • Title reports processing
    • Child support document processing
    • Homeowners insurance processing
    • Divorce decree processing
    • Form 4506-T processing
  • Online transaction processing
  • Financial transaction processing
    • Processing credit/debit card applications
    • Check processing services
    • Record and documentation maintenance
    • Electronic fund transfer processing
    • Payroll processing
    • Revenue processing
    • Cross-border payment processing

In addition to the broad expanse of remote transaction processing services we provide, SunTec India also offers a diversity of offerings that facilitate easier, more efficient transaction processing for your enterprise.

  • Exclusive solutions tailored to your business requirements
  • Standardized formats
  • Frequent checks for software and hardware compatibility
  • Specialized personnel allocations
  • Compliance with international data security standards, like GDPR
  • In-time request scheduling to avoid information loss

Outsourcing transaction processing services to our company will also equip your enterprise with future opportunities for receiving other high-end specialized services like data mining and analysis.

Inspire Conversions with Enhanced Functionality: Outsource Transaction Processing Services to SunTec India

Transparent communication, dedicated managers, timely deliveries, constant support, the latest technology- SunTec India has everything your business requires to enhance its operational productivity. To know more about our transaction processing services and their implications, drop your requirements or queries at

Client Speak

Client Speak

We used SunTec recently and were very impressed with their work. The results were very accurate data in a short timeframe. The staff were professional and thorough. We will not hesitate to use SunTec again for future work, and would recommend them to other companies with similar requirements.

Adrian Dick
CallPlus Ltd., New Zealand
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