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Keep Track of Your Sleep Via an Intuitive Sleep Monitoring App!

Slumber Number: Sleep monitoring app based on the answer to a series of questions.


As people are increasingly becoming health-conscious, more and more mobile apps are being developed for health and fitness. Fitness apps and trackers, calorie calculators, water and food diaries, activity reminders, etc. today we find numerous apps that can help us in our everyday routine to keep fit and healthy. Similarly, our client was in search of a reliable mobile app development company to build a simple-to-use, sleep monitoring app for its customer base. The goal behind developing this application is sleep analysis or sleep tracking of users based on the answer to series of questions asked in the app. This, in turn, would help the users to keep a healthy track of their sleep patterns.

Project Requirements

Leveraging our professional mobile app development services, the goal was to create a digital application designated by our mobile app developers that allow users to track the user’s sleep metrics and improve the user’s well-being. Based on the series of questions asked, the sleep application focuses on providing sleep monitoring results to help users find their sleep results or sleep score. The SlumberNumber app should be able to tell users the percentage of time they spend in bed while they are asleep.


Being a leading mobile app development company, SunTec India holds an impeccable record in developing robust applications. We have successfully delivered several wellness and fitness apps, however, each project has its own set of challenges and complexities involved. Certain challenges involved with this project were are under:

  • Develop an effective yet simple sleep monitoring app based on a number of questions
  • Facilitate application to show accurate results based on the answers provided by the users
  • Create seamless app navigation with excellent UI and UX
  • Creating such a simple-to-use, UI/UX-rich application called out for a proper strategy, designing, developing, testing, and various trials.
  • Integrate a reliable and accurate method to rate and calculate the percentage of time users spend in bed while they are asleep.
  • Equip the app with rich features like easy navigation, a simple-to-use app, sleep-related questions, etc.


After understanding the project requirements and mapping out the challenges involved in the development of this project, our app development team followed an agile approach for app development wherein we worked on the app idea, studied the scope of the app, defined the app features, etc. This helped us get a clear understanding of the client’s expectations and develop a project roadmap. Our expert mobile app development team, created feature lists, wireframes, process flow diagrams, and prototypes of the application. We used the latest tools & technology to ensure a fast time to market, great app efficiency, and customizable capabilities.

In the development process, the team focused on creating an excellent user experience Aligning with the client’s vision, to help users track and monitor their sleep percentage, we focused on creating intuitive usability for users by encouraging them to answer simple questions about their sleep pattern & get the desired result. We designed the app in a way to easily allows users to easily answer questions with minimum clicks and get quick yet accurate results. A bespoke administrative interface was developed allowing the end-users to inspect the sleep results in a readable format.


Notable app features of Slumber Number:

  • Simple navigation throughout the application
  • Display of series of questions related to user’s sleep
  • “Sleepscore” or Sleep report based on the analysis or answers given by the user
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Sleep tracking features


With our customized app development services backed by highly skilled Android and iOS developers, we delivered the sleep monitoring app within the stipulated time frame. The client was able to launch and market the sleep tracking app in a timely manner that received a great response from the users. Slumber Number app provides the most accurate results when estimating the participants:

  • Total time spent in bed
  • Total time awake in bed
  • Total time asleep in bed
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Sleep score (percentage)

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