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B2B & B2C Internet Portals

Client: Wealth Connect

B2B and B2C Portal UI Design & Development
Joomla Development Services PHP Web Development jQuery Website Development

Domain: Finance & Law

Technologies Used: Joomla, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

In spite of having a vast database of accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, superannuation specialists, and many other finance professionals across Australia, the site maintains a good load speed. The site has been hand-coded and features a customized and table-less design. The site scores high in terms of both user-friendliness and appeal.

Client: European Institute for Economy and Commerce

Web portal development
Web Design & Development PHP Web Development jQuery Website Development

Domain: B2B & B2C Internet Portals

Technologies Used: Custom CMS

We created a bespoke and user-centered design allowing the end users to smoothly navigate through the website. We wrote custom codes to ensure maximum performance during peak traffic hours and high search engine visibility. Business owners can learn about the European market in a variety of languages on our client's website.

Client: Chamber Member

Web 2.0 web design
Drupal Web Design Development Services PHP Web Development jQuery Website Development

Domain: B2B and B2C Internet Portals

Technologies Used: Drupal, CSS, XHTML, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

The Chamber member is a local B2B and B2C search engine portal with the option to search by categories, chambers, and associations. Users can also learn about the ongoing events in the San Francisco area on chambermemeber.com.

Client: Jaquar

Outsourcing portal design
jQuery Website Development

Domain: Corporate Website

Technologies Used: NetSuite, XHTML, CSS, jQuery

Jaquar's website has rich back-end functionality and can be accessed on a variety of devices. This bilingual (Thai and English) and user-friendly website has a dealer locator system providing information to the users about local and international Jaquar dealers.

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