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SunTec Helps Improve Workforce Readiness amongst Delhi's Disadvantaged Youth

New Delhi
August, 2016:

leading multi-process IT outsourcing company

A leading multi-process IT outsourcing company, SunTec has always been keen to help young people by preparing them to find employment and opportunities. The organization aims to improve the employability of youth by providing them comprehensive job skills training. With its various training and skill development programs, SunTec is increasing the workforce readiness among the underprivileged youth of Delhi.

Delhi has one of the largest concentration of young people in Asia, a vast majority of which is underprivileged and has limited educational and employment opportunities. As part of its corporate social responsibility, SunTec delivers personal and professional effectiveness training that helps the people from disadvantaged backgrounds and low socio-economic environments to build skillsets, job awareness and confidence.

By enhancing the skill set of these individuals, SunTec helps them in securing productive jobs in its various strategic business units, and allows them to participate effectively in the workplace. The employees in this manner become more committed, productive and are more likely to stay with the organization. Training not only benefits the staff, but also the business, helping the company to run effectively. It can improve business performance, profit and staff morale. The employees acquire new skills, which increases their contribution to the business and builds their self-esteem. With training, they can do value-added tasks more efficiently, which can raise them to higher positions with better opportunities and pay.

"We are extremely pleased to be supporting development programs that seek to improve the employment prospects of underserved communities and individuals." said Ravi Kant (VP), SunTec.

About SunTec

Rated among India's best multi-process IT outsourcing companies, SunTec has an experience of a decade and a half in serving global clients. SunTec delivers data management, eCommerce, digital publishing and application development service and support solutions to enterprises that value quality, speed, flexibility, and cost control. The Company also customizes its services to accommodate specific needs of online merchants, real estate agents, healthcare professionals and educational institutions, etc.

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