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SunTec Releases Dedicated WordPress Wheel Fitment API Plugin

New Delhi
May, 2015:

TechnoScore, the software development wing of SunTec recently launched a brand new WordPress Wheel Fitment API plugin, a wheel guide and catalogue, which will enable millions of drivers and vehicle owners to access comprehensive vehicle wheel fitment specs and data, instantly and accurately, across the globe, including information about PCD, offset, rims and all other wheel and tire data that they might need for their automobiles.

The new Wheel Fitment Plug-in enables WordPress sites to easily add online vehicle fitment database for wheels and tires, including genuine/OE fitment, OEM equivalent, and different plus/minus sizing fitment options available. It helps in identifying lots of possible wheel and tire spec variants for any given car.

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Key features, include (but not limited to):

  • Provides all wheel fitment vehicle specs
  • Delivers variants in terms of alloy wheels and tire packages with fitting wheels, for a given vehicle
  • Offers technical facts and figures for a selected vehicle in terms of PCD, Bolt Pattern, Wheel Offset, Center Bore that fit, etc.
  • Furnishes OEM and custom wheel configurations to meet the operational needs of users
  • Gives all likely bolt patterns along with alternative matching models
  • List of model modifications matching conforming to the tire
  • Brings in the complete series of generations for a specified car model
  • Supplies directory of model modifications against listed bolt pattern

Currently, the Wheel Fitment Plug-in API key is available for download from, is easily configurable from the WordPress administration panel, involving little programming knowledge, and a tiny stretch of time to install.

API key

This API is so simple that you only need to input the provided API key, and rest everything else falls in place.

Murli Pawar, V.P., Technology Division, enthusiastically suggests: "All of us share a common responsibility to ensure increased vehicle and road safety, in every possible way we can. As WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites globally, the WordPress Wheel Fitment API plugin is a wonderful piece of practical help for drivers. It will not only make things a little easier for them but also keep them and their vehicles a little bit safer as a result." He further adds, "We also aim to consistently maintain and update the plugin, including everything from debugging to removing deprecated functions, adding new features and introducing fixes in documentation to presenting future versions."

API Plugin implemented

You can see the WordPress Wheel Fitment API Plugin implemented on this site.

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Get your project done right, on budget, and within time-frame. To download the API key of the WordPress Wheel Fitment Plugin, please visit: To discuss a project or to learn more about how our application development services can help you, please write to us at

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