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SunTec Assists a Leading Finance Company with Salesforce Data Cleansing and Migration Project

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A leading USA based diversified financial services firm partnered with SunTec recently for data cleansing and migration of over 40,000 accounts to its new Salesforce system. Each account has on average 8 contacts, and some accounts have hundreds of data sets, making no less than 3 million records that needed to be moved across. The client specializes in investment banking, research, sales and trading services, and providing alternative asset management solutions to a global client base.

The client was looking for a service provider who could consult, assist and guide them along the entire migration process including importing SQL data and correctly mapping that into Salesforce.

Their first concern was conducting a data clean-up of their current SQL database through de-duplication, appending and validating, and preparing the SQL records for importation into Salesforce system.

SunTec deployed a team of 3 persons with extensive experience in Salesforce and database importation, data sanitization and optimization, and implementing best practices. Right from pre-migration impact assessment to employing proven data migration methodology, and conducting a comprehensive data profiling, data quality, data integration, and archiving, Team SunTec did everything to help its client migrate their data quickly, easily and accurately.

SunTec was chosen for its wide ranging experience in data cleansing and migration services. The greatest challenge before SunTec was the high volume of data that was required to be cleansed, de-duplicated and validated for errors and omissions that are present in the existing database. Also, for migrating the updated database in Salesforce, accurate field mapping was required to be carried out, which was a time consuming process.

"We could not have had a more positive experience. SunTec experts were quick to spot issues in our processes and worked closely with our team to ensure successful delivery of project within deadline and budget."

-- Manager, Customer Database & Marketing Automation

To make sure the project was completed accurately and on time, SunTec professionals performed a pilot project to get an estimate about the resources required and got the feedback from the client before the project was started. All the updated data was successfully mapped and migrated into Salesforce. Once migration was complete the data was verified by QA team for accuracy. The entire project was completed in the stipulated timeframe. The client had no remaining backlogs and they saw reduction in cost of processes by as much as 50%. Having smoothly and successfully completed this project, the client looks forward to partnering with SunTec on many more future data quality and management projects as well.

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