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InteList, the Jet.com Listing API, Gains Remarkable Traction since Its Launch

New Delhi,
March, 2016

InteList, the Jet.com Listing API, Gains Remarkable Traction since Its Launch

SunTec India is pleased to announce that InteList (www.intelist.net), the Intelligent Listing API to set up product feed to jet.com, introduced last December, has rapidly gained traction, and is already helping online businesses and retailers to quickly launch their merchandise, manage their inventory and orders on Jet.com marketplace.

Jet.com is a merchant-friendly, membership-based eCommerce marketplace carrying products across a broad range of categories like health and personal care, electronics, furniture, home goods, etc. It has a dynamic pricing engine that updates the price of each item in real-time and helps retailers sell efficiently. Just a month after its launch, Jet.com became the fourth largest online marketplace based on GMV, thus taking over channels like Rakuten, Sears, Newegg, Tesco and Sears, according to ChannelAdvisor.

InteList works via a monthly subscription business model with a free trial offer for 15 Days. A prospective client can create an account, which involves no setup fee, or any hidden costs. The application seamlessly integrates with jet.com, supporting unlimited products and orders. As of today, the InteList site has grown to 2,100 + organic visitors, with demo conducted for 200+ interested clients, of whom 18 have already subscribed to InteList.com to import their product feeds, manage orders, returns and refund at the Jet eCommerce marketplace, by just this one app – InteList.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that InteList has been able to empower merchants to create a more profitable channel that enables them grow their business,” said Mr. Murli Pawar, VP, Technology Division at SunTec India. He further highlighted the key features of the Jet.com listing API saying, “It simplifies the task to create product listings, manage order, inventory and customer data, as well as help retailers keep a tab on customer behavior & sales through performance reports and customer insights.”

For more information
To learn more about InteList, please visit http://www.intelist.net. To book a demo or ask for a free trial, please contact the InteList team at: info@intelist.net.