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UK Based Image Archival Specialist Firm Partners with SunTec to Capture Image Data, and Process Over 3,50,000 Photographs in A Short Time Span

A leading UK based image archival company, which is recognized as an industry leader for conservation and digitization of historic photographs, with an archive showcasing more than 10 million images collaborated with SunTec recently to accurately process over 3,50,000 scanned photographs in a short time span of four months.

The client rescues old, historic and almost forgotten iconic photographs sourced from photographers as well as publications from across the globe and digitizes them for archival purposes. The archives showcase legendary photographs of personalities and events dating back to 1800, 1900s and pictures even beyond, that have been incremental in shaping the modern world.

The client had just started creating their online presence, and was looking for expert image data capture and processing company who could accurately process photographs, as part of their digitization process. Due to the scale of project the digitization process was required to be completed quickly and accurately.

SunTec's image processing professionals after analyzing client's business requirements began by capturing the details about the images scanned such as date, source, title, event and category. The images were converted to optimal size to ensure fast loading. A dedicated quality assurance team was assigned to make sure that quality services were offered to client throughout the project. Photographs were provided in different formats as required by client. SunTec ramped up their operations to meet the scale of the project and adhered to ISO 27001 compliance norms providing maximum security to client's business data. SunTec was able to deliver the project within deadline in desired format. The company provided data capture accuracy of over 99% and as a result the client was able to attain as much as 300% increase in the number of images processed annually since 2014 till date.

"Choosing SunTec for our image capture and processing requirements was the best decision, as we were able to see an increase in our revenue by over 200% in a short time span of six months" said the Managing Director at the client's organization.

By outsourcing the business requirement to SunTec the client not only gained from time zone advantage, but was also able to attain cost efficiencies and tremendously benefited from the quality of services delivered in quick turnaround time.

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