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SunTec Supports A US-based University Digitize Reams of Sensitive Data for Easy Access

Digital Content Conversion

The Digital Content Conversion Division at SunTec India is pleased to announce its partnership with a US-based university for digitization of 100,000 pages of handwritten, paper-based survey forms. The university’s psychology department had conducted a multi-year survey in over 12 middle schools to gain an insight on school bullying and chalk out ways to combat it.

The survey forms, which were to be filled by each student at the beginning and end of the school year, had produced mounds of data. The client required to review the results quickly and refine the research for next round. Besides a restricted time-frame to complete the project, the client was also concerned about the accuracy and privacy of the data, and to ensure that the students’ identities remain anonymous and data can only be accessed by the researchers.

Utilizing advanced tools and double data entry techniques, SunTec helped the client extract the data stored in hundred-thousands of handwritten survey forms within a week of uploading the scanned documents to the system for easy access.

We deployed a team of data entry specialists, headed by a dedicated project manager to (a) create a template as per the format of the survey forms, and (b) scan them using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique. Employing its proprietary data extraction tool, the next phase consisted of uploading the scanned forms in batches set apart by the survey location for exporting data in a CSV file, which was subsequently manually checked via double-data entry for any discrepancies.

Our QA teams also conducted thorough quality tests to ensure 99.99% accuracy of the data, generating results that the researchers could bank upon.

"Given the sensitive nature of the data, confidentiality was a critical concern on the part of our client. Since SunTec is committed to the privacy and security of data, we have effected policies and procedures to ensure that the services and solutions we provide, protect confidential information. Being an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Company, advanced information security applications are fully integrated into every phase of our data digitization process. All our employees conform to the privacy guidelines and take all necessary precautions to make sure that data is never released without proper authorization," said Mr. Sugeet Wahal, Vice President, Digital Content Solutions Division at SunTec. "Seeing our strong commitment to data security and confidentiality, our client was at ease knowing that information security is an integral part of our company's procedures", he further added.

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