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SunTec India Supports Taxation and Accounting Firm in Digitizing 75,000+ Tax Returns & Forms

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SunTec Digital, the digital wing of SunTec India, recently completed a project of digitizing 77,000 tax returns and forms for a USA-based taxation and accounting firm. The project also involved classifying the documents and extracting tax data, aimed at adopting a paperless business environment and streamlining tax return processing.

Though most tax return preparers use e-file, there's still a significant number of tax payers who file and submit their payments using the paper based tax forms. The client wanted SunTec Digital to eliminate the bottlenecks and backlogs related to processing the tax forms by capturing paper-based information and converting it into digital images that can be easily accessed and retrieved at multiple locations. The Company deployed a team of 8 professionals to digitize 11,000 individual fillings, containing seven pages each, and ensure that the data is stored in the tax system.

During document preparation, we removed all the paperclips and staples from the tax returns and forms. Further, our experts used high-speed, high-capacity scanners to scan the hard-copy tax returns and forms, capture data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique and storing the documents as editable, electronic images.

"By transforming approximately 77,000 tax returns and forms for a Taxation and Accounting firm in US, we not only ensured ease of access of information electronically but also enabled full-text search and space savings for the client," said Mr. Sugeet Wahal, Vice President, Digital Content Conversion Division at SunTec India.

Another important aspect of the project was to index the documents accurately so that they can be easily accessed, retrieved and stored electronically. With document digitization services, we streamlined business tax operations for the client, helping them increase productivity, operate from multiple locations, save time as well as meet compliance requirements.

Getting Started!

Having worked closely with clients across the globe, experts at SunTec India have a thorough understanding of digitizing documents with utmost accuracy. Write-in to us at to learn how we can support you in accurately converting hardcopy documents, books, newspapers, etc., into electronic images, PDF files or eBooks to enable easy accessibility and increase readership.