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eCommerce App With a Seamless Shopping Experience to Customers in Their Preferred Language


Mawady decided to build a new and independent e-commerce app just when they approached us. By hiring Flutter app developers, the client wanted us to develop a scalable eCommerce app, delivering an excellent user experience. This Kuwait’s online store app exhibits a range of home improvement tools, home appliances, power tools, paint, construction tools & materials, gardening, carpentry, automobiles, kitchen accessories, and more. The key differentiator is that the app comes in both languages i.e. English and Arabic. It is a platform providing customers with an easy, secure, and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support.

Project Requirements

Through this app, the primary goal of the new e-commerce app was to reach new customers, strengthen the bond with the previous customers and facilitate an easy shopping experience to customers in their preferred language. As our client placed a query for our mobile app development services and discussed their eCommerce app idea with us, our mobile app developers carefully outlined the project requirements and the client’s expectations. The client wanted us to make use of the latest tools and technology in the development of the app.

Some of the major client’s requirements were as follows:

  • Create an eCommerce app in English and Arabic language for end-users
  • Develop a robust application with a personalized UI by harnessing the Flutter app development services
  • Enrich the app with rich features like push-up notifications, easy login & registration, secured in-app payments, track order, etc.
  • Develop a highly scalable app that comes up with an engaging customer experience and easy navigation.
  • Conduct thorough app testing to fix bugs and ensure there is no room for errors


Before directly starting off with the development process, it’s critical to get all the insights before embarking on the development to ensure that the team aligns with the project goals. Having been providing eCommerce development services for more than 20 years, we are well-versed in the development of several eCommerce applications. However, challenges and complexities are involved with every project that requires the team to understand the project intricacies and develop substantial solutions to get the desired outcomes. The client wanted a customized mobile application that would completely resonate with its brand image. To develop a robust eCommerce application the biggest challenge for the team was to choose the right shopping cart solution, inventory management software, email software, CRM systems, analytics, and so much more.

Other challenges involved in the development of this e-commerce app were as under:

  • Develop the app both in English & Arabic language
  • Ensure high-performing app with optimum speed, easy navigation, and great mobile responsiveness
  • Maintain UI/UX consistency throughout the eCommerce app
  • Facilitate an easy and simple-to-use shopping experience to the end-users
  • Equip the app with rich features like coupons, easy check-out process, precise search results, wishlist, ratings, and many more.
  • Develop a high-customized app, and ensuring that the app aligns with the brand image.
  • Display personalized results to customers
  • Integrate a reliable and secured payment gateway to allow customers to make payments right through the app
  • Facilitate applying of filters to help users find the exact product, they are looking for
  • Ensure that the app goes through rigorous testing and quality check procedures before its final delivery.


After carefully analyzing the project intricacies and challenges associated with developing this eCommerce app, our app development team come up with the most appropriate solutions. Online retailers willing to develop a powerful eCommerce app and wanting to achieve growth must be built on a good technology foundation. And thus, we used Flutter for the development to enable the simplified and rapid development of the cross-platform mobile app. As a result, the coding was done quickly and the changes were detected faster.

As a part of our custom mobile app development services, we also have the expertise to build apps in different languages. Since the app was to be built in English and Arabic language, our linguistic experts also played a vital role in the development of this app. Our developers ensured that the app runs accurately and smoothly in both languages and delivers an excellent shopping experience to the end-users.

Additionally, our developers ensured that the content in the app could be changed easily, so clients are able to get a personalized demonstration product quickly. Our developers helped the client in provisioning a simple checkout process and integrating a smooth payment mechanism for enhancing the overall conversions. Furthermore, great focus was put on creating seamless transitions between screens, especially between the catalog and product pages. Before the actual delivery of the application, we run the app through several testing and quality checks to ensure that the app was free from bugs and errors.


Some of the primary app features include:

  • Easy sign-up and registration process
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Product descriptions
  • Product gallery
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping options
  • Order summary
  • Secure in-app payments
  • Checking the shipping status in real-time
  • Wishlist
  • Personalized results
  • Push notifications
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics
  • Easy checkout


The end result was a robust, high-performing, and highly scalable mobile application with a great user interface. The app exhibits navigation simple and makes shopping easy and simple for the end-users. Having a powerful eCommerce app in place the client benefitted from increased sales and customers. The app received a great response from the client and end-users due to:

  • Faster time to market
  • Quality coding and easy updates
  • Great maintenance and support
  • Personalized and impressive app design
  • Easy shopping experience

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