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FAQs: SEO, Social Media & PPC Management Services

Mentioned below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that our clients generally inquire in order to better understand our services. We hope that reading through the information provided here will serve to help establish a better understanding about our services and our company.

The objective of doing SEO is similar to what people anticipate for in the print marketing, which is about attracting and getting new clients to your business. World Wide Web is a gigantic city full of buyers. Without having a significant presence on search engines, your company's visibility gets decreased and you have the probability of losing those potential buyers.

SEO is not a one-time practice. It's rather an on-going process that you need to be aware of.

The very first thing we do is to analyse your website and find the areas that your site wants from SEO's perspective. We prepare an analytic report based on those facts and send it to you.

After this, we implement our effective white hat SEO techniques that involve comprehensive planning and meticulous implementation.

Our SEO Services broadly comprise following:

  • Keyword Research Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • SEO Content Services/ Copy Writing Services
  • Search Engine submission
  • Directory submission
  • Google Optimization
  • Google Analytics Implementation

We first help you achieve your desired ranking on popular search engines and then put efforts to keep and maintain them. For more details you can fill up our query form or write to us at

To further corroborate our Search Engine optimization efforts, we offer a wide range of services including Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Management and eCommerce Marketing to ensure your online success amidst the existing cut-throat competition. Here is a broad categorization:


  • Blog Management
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networking
  • Forum Marketing
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Search Engine Reputation Management
  • Video Marketing


  • PPC Account Setup
  • Keyword Research and Identification
  • Competitor Research & Benchmarking
  • PPC Bid Management
  • Google Analytics & PPC Conversion Tracking


  • eCommerce Website Appraisal and Strategy
  • Optimization and Promotion
  • Website Analytics
  • Comparison Shopping Feed Management
  • Conversion Optimization

You can visit wesbite's Internet Marketing Services for detailed information on services offered at SunTec.

When we say we never use an unethical approach, we mean it. We at SunTec do not practice any Black Hat search engine optimization methodology like keyword stuffing/ spamming keywords, page jacking, page cloaking, using link farms or duplicating content, to give you quick one-time result. Such practices not only adversely affect long-term high rankings but could also enforce your site to be penalized by Google and could even lead to the removal of your site from search listings at the end.

We advise you to evaluate the SEO practices followed by any SEO vendor before you end up deciding for hiring their services. And when it is about SunTec: neither do we believe in practicing such illicit methods nor do we aspire to jeopardize our business relationships and reputation.

Google says: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEO's that claim to guarantee rankings." High rankings are achieved only by consistent and dedicated ethical approaches to the implementation of On-Page and Off-Page Optimization techniques in your website.

Though some of our clients have got top rankings in the very initial days of our collaboration, some others took even months to achieve this objective. The reason that decides such things could be many, from rich content to well-constructed website. We provide regular suggestions to our clients to improve their site from SEO's point of view to achieve high search engine rankings.

Your website rankings count on several factors, some of which are listed below;

  • Number of keywords (search phrases) targeted
  • Your targeted geography, local, regional, national or the whole international market
  • How well your site is optimized, maintained and monitored.
  • The quantity, quality and thematic relevance of your inbound links.
  • Overall competitiveness of your industry, which means number of competing websites.

According to SEO Experts at SunTec, SEO and PPC are equally important to begin with, but that depends upon your individual requirement. SEO takes time to gain ground, while PPC can be setup quicker and gives instant overnight results.

The best way to do internet marketing is with both the tools, PPC and SEO. Each supports the other, leading in overall boost of visitors as well as conversions.

Yes, sometimes. We understand that you want to keep the look of your website same. We bring changes that are minimal and seldom visible. We carry out those changes after only we get your approval. Fortunately, majority of the SEO measures are taken behind the scenes in the source code, i.e., Off Page initiatives are implemented chiefly for improving website's ranking.

Yes, we have worked with number of websites that were penalized by Google. We have fixed them successfully and led them regain their rankings.

We offer you comprehensive SEO report on a monthly basis illustrating website tracking, traffic analysis, and search engine ranking progress report to demonstrate the outcome of the SEO tactics employed on your website to your business.

Every website is unique and so are their requirements. Our custom SEO packages have helped our clients to get exactly what they have been looking for.

We offer maximum options to our clients so that they can choose the one that works best for them.

  • Wire transfer directly to our bank account
  • PayPal via Payment Page
  • Credit card via

Also, there would be an additional surcharge of 5% for PayPal & credit cards payments, which would be applicable on your account. For example - A payment of USD100 would become USD 105 (USD 100 +5% surcharge).

We make all the necessary adjustments on a continual basis, and also put continuous efforts to ensure stable position of your page on search engines, as long as you are subscribed with SunTec's SEO services. But it is hard to determine when Google is undergoing an algorithm change, as it keeps itself updating at a regular interval of time. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to have diligent monitoring of your sites' performance for crucial 'behind-the-scene' alterations that are required. Once you stop our service, we are not responsible for the staged loss of your website's top position.

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