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Google Cloud Platform – For Next-gen Cloud Computing

October 23, 2014

Google Cloud

To bolster its cloud-based services and provide real-time cloud computing and syncing to entrepreneurs worldwide, Google has come up with a robust Cloud Platform. The company has acquired Firebase, a cloud services provider, in an effort to expand its Cloud Platform.

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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a group of modular cloud-based services that enables you to build and host a wide range of websites, web and mobile applications, and mobile games, accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Let us have a look at the key advantages of the Google Cloud Platform:

Runs on Google's Infrastructure and Global Network

Google Cloud platform runs on advanced software-defined networking, high IOPS, and has edge-caching features, delivering rapid and consistent performance. When you get your applications and websites built on this platform, your data will be automatically mirrored across multiple storage devices in different locations.

Efficient administration from a single console

Google Cloud platform enables you to see and manage all your applications' performance, account and billing, etc., from a single and simple interface. With this platform, you need not worry about database administration, server configuration, sharding, load balancing, etc.

Integrated with cutting-edge tools

Google Cloud platform comes integrated with Eclipse and API client libraries, and a command-line interface, making it easy for your developers to build what you want. Your developers can quickly enable a wide range of functionality in your application by using Google's APIs and Services and take advantage of easy integration within the Cloud Platform.

Auto-scaling of applications

Applications hosted on the Google Cloud platform use managed services such as App Engine or Cloud Datastore to scale up automatically to demanding workload. The applications also scale down automatically when the traffic becomes normal.

Managed Platform or Virtual Machines – Choose a platform that meets your needs

Google Cloud platform offers you the flexibility to choose between a fully managed platform and virtual machines. By hosting your applications on this platform, you will have the access to both Compute Engine which facilitates raw virtual machines, and App Engine, Google's Platform-as-a-Service solution.

Multiple storage options

Google Cloud Platform provides multiple storage options such as Cloud SQL and Datastore which gives you MySQL or Schemaless NoSQL databases, and Cloud Storage which offers flexible object storage with rapid edge-caching.

Consistent maintenance and efficient support

Google consistently maintains the virtual machines to ensure proper hosting of patches and maintenance of data centres with zero downtime. Customers hosting applications on the Google Cloud Platform will also have access to free community-based support, premium 24*7 phone support, and expert advice from Google's Technical Account Management team.

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