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FAQs: ePublishing & Document Conversion Services

SunTec India has been providing comprehensive set of ePublishing, eBook and Document Conversion, Apps Development and Pre-press services to the publishing industry, libraries, universities, corporations, technology companies and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service providers. The major ePublishing services that we provide are:

eBook Conversion Services including ePub Conversion Services, ePub 3 Conversion, Enhanced ePub Conversion, Fixed Layout ePub Conversion, Kindle Conversion Services, Flash Flip Book Services.

Document Conversion Services including Text Conversion, HTML/XHTML Conversion, XML, DTBook, NIMAS Conversion Services, Word Processing/Formatting Services, Digitization and data conversion (scanning, OCR and re-keying) services, Digital Prepress and Typesetting Services.

Apps Development Services including iPhone Apps Development, iPhone Games Development, Children Book Apps Development, iPad Apps Development, Android Apps Development, Android Games Development Services

Our team currently comprises 165+ professionals including SMEs, Coders, Developers, Document Specialists, Multimedia Programmers, Project Managers, Copy Editors and Proofreaders. They handle project related to their area of specialization. As an example, on the onset of every new project, a new team is formed from the internal pool of resources available within the company. The team size and key players depend on the specific project requirements.

We always use human coders to transform your books/documents into ePublications. Automated tools that convert documents/books into ePublications almost always result in an unformatted output with specific devices. For example, headings, footnotes, tables, graphs etc. may not display properly. Significant manual intervention is hence required to ensure compact and most accurate formatting. We do it all for you!

File Format - We accept documents/books virtually in any electronic file format, including TIFF files, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, RTF File, PaintShop Pro, Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, HTML, XML, XHTML or any other digital format.

Sending / Receiving Options - Clients can submit us their projects via emails, secure FTP connections, through CD/DVD or even courier us their hard copy documents. Please note that you need to use client FTP software like CuteFTP to access our FTP server. To upload your books and avail access to our FTP server, you need to have validated login and password details. Please email us at to generate personalized access to our FTP server.

The cost of each conversion project depends on many factors, such as source type (digital file, scanned images, hard copy), text density, formatting complexity, language, number of images, use of tables, use of mathematical/scientific expressions, etc. The pricing depends on the following parameters:

Source Format -

  • Printed Book
  • Print PDF
  • MS Word
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe InDesign

Format Complexity of the Title -

  • Text Density
  • Multiple Columns
  • Side bars
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Images & Illustrations
  • Headers/Footers
  • Internal links
  • External Hyperlinks
  • Foreign Characters/Entities

Desired Output Format

  • ePub/ ePub 3/ enhanced
    ePub/ Fixed Layout ePub
  • KF8
  • PRC/Mobi
  • PDB
  • XML

Conversion costs vary depending on the language and the technical levels of materials. As certain languages do not use a Latin-based script (such as East Asian and Middle Eastern languages), it is a challenge to individually integrate these keys/tones for appropriate digitization.

Every project is unique, and the timeframe to execute each one of them depends on project nature, clarity in specifications and levels of complexity involved.

Word Count: More words equal more time required. If you have longer projects and need it in tight schedules, we assemble dedicated teams to work on your projects.

Complexities Involved: When documents contain more graphics, illustrations, graphs, tables, charts, images etc., a lot of manual intervention is required to incorporate such complex layouts into digital format. However, we stick to strict time deliverables and prompt services.

For your security and convenience, SunTec India accepts payments only through our payment partners Paypal and 2Checkout. The clients are liable to pay additional 5% surcharge in case the payment is made using a credit card or through PayPal. You can also make payments via wire transfer to our bank.

Access, integrity, and authorization are coupled with technological measures to ensure complete safety of client's information. This includes:

  • Encrypted Data Transfer- we use SSL 3.0 version of data encryption. This is the highest current industry standard.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Biometric Time & Access Control Systems
  • Surveillance through Cameras
  • Provisions of Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements with each employee.

We offer free pilot or sample project for our first time clients. At one end this helps in making clients comfortable with our work flow processes and promises, on the other, it lets us better understand client's requirements.

We enter into Service Level Agreements – SLAs with all our clients to establish clear understanding of execution methodology, quality and time deliverables.

We have defined processes that ensure our service levels remain competitive over the period of time.

  • As soon as the project picks up, a Team Lead who is also an SME is put in direct touch with the client. He/she acts as a single point contact with the client during the various stages of project execution. This allows the client to have complete control over their project during various stages of execution.
  • Depending on client's requirements, a Standardized Operating Manual (SOM) is defined.
  • Execution team is scaled-up and trained according to the defined SOM.
  • Project execution takes place under the strict supervision of Team Lead.
  • Quality is maintained through stringent procedures, schedules and validation checks.
  • Project is delivered through FTP or secure server IDs.

All documents are treated with the highest degree of confidentiality. We will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement.

You can communicate with us via email, telephone or Skype. If you wish, we’d be happy to call you to discuss our way forward. Let us know your direct contact number and convenient time for call at

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