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Enterprise Application Integration

SunTec helps enterprises become smarter with highly optimized and integrated data across the information value chain.

Records and Documents Management to Content and Data Retrieval and Collaboration, and Everything In Between!

SunTec believes that Content Management System (CMS) applications must be simple to learn, easy to operate, requiring minimum programming skills.

We offer a wide range of CMS development and personalization services to our clients that helps them to keep a track of all the business data in a concise, coherent, and user-friendly way.

After carefully examining the varying and complex requirements of diverse content management systems, SunTec recommends organizations to choose a CMS service that can prove beneficial to the business in the long run and facilitate cost savings.

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Bring Together People and Information with SunTec's Enterprise Content Management Services

The following are the major highlights of our enterprise content management systems services:

  • We make crucial business information easily available, which helps in better decision making.
  • We offer document management services which helps users to access and manage business documents in numerous e-formats.
  • We provide support for migration of legacy content, and/or "already digital" enterprise content to the new CMS platform.
  • Our CMS tools can be used as web-based applications by website administrator for updating website content.
  • We offer ECM services via third party CMS, custom CMS and enterprise content management system implementations.

Enabling a Document Driven Processes: SunTec's Expertise across Diverse CMS Platforms

We have expertise in a comprehensive range of 3rd party CMS/eCMS tools and platforms.

Open Source

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Alfresco, Typo3, dotCMS, Mambo


Microsoft SharePoint, DotNetNuke, Sitecore, WinCMS, Kentico

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SunTec's ECM Services are designed to eliminate dependencies on paper documents and organize unstructured information streamline business processes. click here to get our professional help now.

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