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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

SunTec helps enterprises become smarter with highly optimized and integrated data across the information value chain.

Records and Documents Management to Content and Data Retrieval and Collaboration, and Everything In Between!

SunTec believes that Content Management System (CMS) applications must be simple to learn, easy to operate, requiring minimum programming skills.

We offer a wide range of CMS development and personalization services to our clients that helps them to keep a track of all the business data in a concise, coherent, and user-friendly way.

After carefully examining the varying and complex requirements of diverse content management systems, SunTec recommends organizations to choose a CMS service that can prove beneficial to the business in the long run and facilitate cost savings.

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Bring Together People and Information with SunTec's Enterprise Content Management Services

The following are the major highlights of our enterprise content management systems services:

  • We make crucial business information easily available, which helps in better decision making.
  • We offer document management services which helps users to access and manage business documents in numerous e-formats.
  • We provide support for migration of legacy content, and/or "already digital" enterprise content to the new CMS platform.
  • Our CMS tools can be used as web-based applications by website administrator for updating website content.
  • We offer ECM services via third party CMS, custom CMS and enterprise content management system implementations.

Enabling a Document Driven Processes: SunTec's Expertise across Diverse CMS Platforms

We have expertise in a comprehensive range of 3rd party CMS/eCMS tools and platforms.

Open Source

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Alfresco, Typo3, dotCMS, Mambo


Microsoft SharePoint, DotNetNuke, Sitecore, WinCMS, Kentico

SunTec offers a complete gamut of CMS development services to facilitate you to manage your content and business data and information in a structured manner.

  • Open-Source CMS Development for creating CMS based websites employing WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Customized CMS Development for building distinct, tailor-made CMS for websites

Content Management System Design & Development Solutions from SunTec India

At SunTec, we offer economical CMS Web Design and Development Services for individuals and enterprises from all around the globe. Our comprehensive CMS Development Services include:

  • Content Management Solutions
  • eCommerce Solutions
SunTec CMS Development
  • Business Website Design
  • Government Websites
  • Micro Sites for Branding, Marketing
  • Corporate Website
  • Portals of Different Types
  • Personal Web Sites
  • CMS based Community Sites
  • Corporate Website Design
  • Micro Site Design
  • Custom CMS Application Development

At SunTec, we understand your need to achieve a competitive edge with features like WYSIWYG editor, ability to edit or modify/ add/ delete pages, banner ads management, articles/ blog / news and other types of content management, site statistics, etc. Therefore, we offer affordable Open-Source CMS Services as well as Custom CMS Development Services enabling you to choose from an array of content management systems without burning a hole in the pocket. We have exclusive teams of expert programmers, designers and CMS developers for all popular Open-Source CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Kentico, Moodle, Typo3, Mambo, and DotNetNuke, etc.

Please let us know how we can help you with our Custom CMS Development and Open-Source CMS Services. Contact us to discuss your CMS Development project.

Custom CMS Solutions for Specific Business Objectives

We focus on developing custom CMS websites based on your requirements and business objectives. The content management systems that we develop and customize are user-friendly, easy to update and comprehensible even to non-techies.

CMS Customization: Branding and Beyond…

With us, CMS Customization does not end with CMS skin branding services; rather, we work on a whole array of elements, and accordingly design, program and develop custom modules, add-ons, extensions, apps, etc., to make the deliverable a true product of custom website design services.

Why SunTec?

Some of the noteworthy benefits that we offer along with our custom CMS Services include the following:

  • Deliverables exactly as per the scope of the project
  • Comprehensive CMS implementation and support services
  • Highly scalable CMS Solutions
  • Best technology at affordable cost
  • Expert team to expedite the process ensuring flexible turnaround time
  • Dedicated and experienced project manager

Discuss Your Project With Us

Write to us at for custom CMS design or comprehensive CMS development services. Contact us today!

A Kentico Certified Partner, SunTec is a company to partner with. Our extensive range of clients, from different business domains, makes us one of the most reliable CMS development companies in India.

Kentico CMS is one of our preferred development tools and we have built several sites on this platform for global clientele ranging from small organizations to well-established enterprises. At SunTec India, we are a Kentico Certified partner with a robust in-house team of skilled Kentico developers and programmers. One can hire our programmers for rapid and quality development of eCommerce systems, websites, forums, intranets, extranets, etc., on Kentico CMS.

We have been providing a complete suite of Kentico development services on all versions including version 7 to businesses worldwide since Kentico's inception. We excel in:

  • Kentico Customization
  • Kentico Website Development
  • Kentico eCommerce Store Development
  • Kentico Integration
  • Kentico Module Development
  • Kentico platform Migration
  • Kentico Maintenance and Support

About Kentico CMS

Kentico is an enterprise level, feature-packed web content management system which is used for the development of websites, intranets, extranets, online sites, etc., on the ASP.NET platform. A whopping 18,000 websites in 90 countries are powered by Kentico CMS. Some of the big websites are Microsoft, Vodafone, Audi, Samsung, Mazda, Gibson, DKNY and others. Besides supporting rapid development, Kentico CMS has lots of other features like web analytics, geo-mapping, advanced security, open API extensibility, and a lot more. Some of its other advantages are:

  • Full featured CMS
  • An all-in-one tool
  • Highly extensible and flexible
  • Supports rapid development
  • Easy-to-use editor

Hire Kentico Developers from Us

We ensure your involvement in our user-focused development process so that we can fulfill our commitment of producing stable, agile and productive web applications in line with your business needs. Our developers with their domain expertise and technical skills can add value to your business. They do not miss out on any feature of Kentico so that you can make the most out of Kentico's flexibility and extensibility.

Discuss Your Project With Us

We deliver flexible and accurate Kentico development services at affordable prices. To hire our Kentico CMS developers or to learn more about our hiring model, please get in touch with us.

Brandish formidable new websites based on custom WordPress theme that will capture the look and feel of your business and brand.


What We Do?

We provide the complete gamut of WordPress Development Services, including:

  • WordPress custom CMS development
  • WordPress custom plugin/ widget development
  • WordPress third-party plugin customization
  • WordPress code conversion
  • WordPress design and development by skilled WordPress professionals
  • Uploading and installation of your WordPress site
  • Quality WordPress Theme design
  • Economical WordPress design and development services
  • Flexibility in revisions and incorporation of new ideas

Please let us know how we can help you with our WordPress Website Design Services. Contact us to discuss your WordPress project.

WordPress Services for Website Design with "More" Benefits

Add "More" to the benefits that come with the WordPress content management system. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and user-friendly CMS. At SunTec, we customize it to exactly fit in your requirements, making it work at its best for you. The level of customization offered by WordPress CMS is duly exploited by our team of WordPress developers and is set to work wonders.

Technical Expertise in WordPress Development Services

SunTec is equipped with a dedicated WordPress development team with profound skills and capabilities in the following technologies:

  • WordPress CSS Styling
  • MVC Architecture
  • WordPress framework
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XML/ RPC/ Webservice
  • Ajax/ jQuery (on client side)
  • Other Open Source CMS technologies

Above-mentioned benefits are topped up with our promise to design and develop WordPress sites that has "More" to offer allowing you to do almost anything to reach your target audience and enhance your business on online platform.

WordPress Content Management Solutions

We are passionate about building robust content management (CMS) solutions on WordPress. We have developed scalable content management systems for WordPress and the WordPress MU (Multi User) sites, integrating it seamlessly with your current systems as well as external systems and third party APIs.

WordPress CMS for Blogging to eCommerce

WordPress as a CMS is very popular among other content management systems for its unparalleled usability. WordPress CMS is ideally suited for blogs and blogging websites. Owing to the benefits it offers, it is also a widely held option for all sorts of websites, right from blogging sites to eCommerce websites.

Customized WordPress Themes

At SunTec, we offer our services for designing and developing website and content management systems based on WordPress. We also boast of professional WordPress theme designers and WordPress developers who are able to comprehend your requirements and produce Wordpress Theme Designs that exactly fit in the bill.

Tailor-made WordPress Plug-ins

We leverage our expertise with WordPress to help you design and develop a bespoke plugin solution to meet your requirements. Our WordPress services include WordPress integration, designing and developing WordPress applications, themes and WordPress plug-in development.

WordPress is free but related services come heavy on your pocket. Therefore, we at SunTec, offer services of our WordPress developers and designers at affordable cost.

Why SunTec?

  • Individual and prioritized attention to each project
  • We do not use templates
  • Dedicated team for singular project
  • Designing and developing deliverables even for non-techies
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Services of experts with experience of over a decade
  • Project manager for dedicated support
  • Easy ordering process

Discuss Your Project With Us

Write to us at for highly functional WordPress CMS services or customized WordPress Website Development. Contact us today!

Equip your website with Joomla! One of the world's most powerful and popular CMSs!

Customized solutions for a CMS with Inherent Flexibility, Joomla!
As one of the most popular CMSs, Joomla is a platform studded with extensions. Its inherent flexibility keeps it ahead of various other content management systems that are in use on the Internet. All the more, we, at SunTec, ensure that nothing limits your potentials when you choose Joomla CMS for your website.

Joomla Development Services

Joomla Development Services: What We Do?

SunTec provides the complete gamut of Joomla CMS Development Services, comprising:

  • Joomla CMS Development
  • Joomla eCommerce Development
  • Enterprise Joomla Development
  • Custom Joomla Development
  • Joomla Components Development
  • Joomla Website Development
  • Joomla Theme Customization
  • Custom Modules Development
  • Joomla Template Development
  • Joomla Plug-in development
  • Joomla Installation & Setup
  • Joomla Maintenance Services

Please let us know how we can help you with our Joomla Website Development Services. Contact us to discuss your Joomla project.

Technical Expertise in Joomla Development Services

SunTec is fortified with a dedicated Joomla development team, adept in the following technologies:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache Webserver
  • AJAX/jQuery
  • XML/Web service
  • Joomla Development Plugins
  • Other Open Source CMS technologies
Joomla! Website Development for Your eCommerce Stores

At SunTec, we completely understand the effort required to generate business from an eCommerce website.And therefore, through our Joomla website design and development services, we deliver the best by extending the functionality of Joomla to its helm ensuring that you get a better ROI over your eCommerce website.

Extending Usability with Joomla Extensions Development

We, at SunTec, strive to deliver custom Joomla development services that allow you to spread your online presence without going haphazard. Our experts are adept at Joomla Extensions Development, such as developing Components, Plugins, Templates, and Modules to handle desired functions; thereby extending the usability of your website as per your specific requirements.

Joomla Template Development

Layout, design and structure of your website are important both to attract visitors and to rank better on the search engine results pages. Joomla template development carried out by our experienced and adept development team ensures that you get your preferred layout, design and structure with customized extensions on your website.

Drawing the most out of Joomla Components

Joomla development and customization services offered by us also ensure that our Joomla designers and developers completely cater to your requirements by exploiting features of Joomla components to its best. Our Joomla developers and designers are adept in creating mini applications to suit the needs for your Joomla based website.

Joomla Version Upgrade Services

Other than designing and developing all new Joomla projects, we also specialize in re-designing and upgrading your website to the latest version of Joomla, from an earlier release. We also offer services to assist you migrate from any given CMS platform to the latest version of Joomla.

Hire Joomla Programmers / Developers

Our professional Joomla developers are adept at working on all the latest open source development platforms, high-performance tools and industry standards to build the most specialized, solid and scalable Joomla web solutions with greatest quality criteria.

Why SunTec?

We know what makes Joomla tick, and how to get the best out of it!

With our Joomla Website development services, SunTec also ensures you the following benefits:

  • Flexible engagement models
  • Dedicated team of professional Joomla designers and developers with an average experience of 5+ years
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Strong competency in technology
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 support across all time zones
  • Prompt and seamless communication via Email, Skype and Phone

Discuss Your Project With Us

Write to us at for highly functional Joomla CMS Design or customized Joomla Website Development Services. Contact us today!

Complete Drupal Development from concept to implementation and everything in between.

SunTec provides custom Drupal design and development services. We have expertise in Drupal design and theme development to core module development, performance and site scalability. Our Drupal programming team is proficient in PHP, MySQL, Apache Webserver, Ajax/jQuery, XML/Web service, etc., technologies. With a dedicated team of Drupal development specialists, we have developed several Drupal websites for a range of industry verticals.


What We Do?

We provide the complete gamut of Drupal Development Services, including:

  • Drupal consulting services comprising requirements analysis and information architecture development
  • Drupal CMS development and Drupal customization
  • Bespoke Drupal website design and development
  • eCommerce solutions for Drupal websites and mobile sites
  • Drupal Theming
  • Customized Drupal modules development
  • Drupal extension development
  • Drupal template design and development
  • Drupal upgrades
  • Drupal support to keep your website secure, dependable and current 24 / 7
Drupal CMS: Churning out user friendly websites

Drupal CMS is one of the most popular content management systems, and despite the fact that Drupal offers a complex programming interface, the number of websites using Drupal is increasing rapidly. It is one of the best solutions for designing and developing highly user-friendly websites. Drupal based websites are a delight both for administrators as well as for any normal user, making it one of the most popular CMS options for any type of website.

Drupal Development: Enjoy efficiency of Drupal as we take on its complexity

Through our Drupal development services we strive to offer the best solutions to our clients. We have experienced Drupal designers, developers and programmers to take on the complexity in Drupal programming interface. Be it an enterprise solution or a complex forum or a networking website, there is almost nothing that we cannot develop and deliver.

Mobile Development: Drupal services for today and tomorrow

At SunTec, we also help you leverage the advantage of people's craze for smartphone browsing by creating a mobile compatible version of your Drupal website. We can either design a single responsive website for you or design a dedicated mobile or tablet version of your website.

CMS Migration or Drupal Re-Design/ Upgrade: We promise to keep it light

We can upgrade your Drupal site to the current version of Drupal taking into account the number of contributed modules and components that must be upgraded. Similarly, we as a Drupal development company efficiently handle CMS migration to the latest version of Drupal from other platforms like WordPress, Joomla or Magento.

Why SunTec?

Along with the aforementioned benefits, our Drupal services include a lot more. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  • Dedicated team of experienced Drupal developers
  • Adept Drupal designers and programmers for Drupal module development
  • Affordable Drupal services and CMS migration
  • Development of highly scalable Drupal modules and components
  • Focused Drupal CMS service team ensuring fastest turnaround time

Regardless of the nature and span of the project, we, at SunTec, put in our best effort to meet with the requirements of the clients. With a team highly experienced and adept Drupal developers, designers and programmers, we are capable of delivering any Drupal CMS related project at affordable cost.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Write to us at for highly functional Drupal CMS services or customized Drupal Website Development. Contact us today!

DotNetNuke, a popular Content Management System is chosen by many high level corporate houses and enterprises.

SunTec offers DNN Development Services (DotNetNuke or .NetNuke) that include:

  • Commercial and public websites
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Online publishing portals
  • Custom DNN applications
  • DotNetNuke modules development
  • DotNetNuke Skin Design

We are determined to help you succeed. Whether we work on a new project or an established online business, we excel in exceeding our client's expectations in DotNetNuke Web Design and Customization.

DNN Development & DotNetNuke Design Services: What We Do?

SunTec is a web and software development company with expertise in DotNetNuke Development. We are proficient at creating visually attractive, efficient, dependable and user friendly DotNetNuke designs. Apart from planning and structuring packaged extensions, like DotNetNuke modules, CS-Cart add-ons, DNN skins and CS-Cart templates, we offer customized DotNetNuke development services.

We have a strong team of PHP developers who can create impactful multifunctional systems and integrate it with services as per your need by means of DotNetNuke integration. The DNN developers at SunTec are skilled at integrating multiple payment systems.

The DNN developers at SunTec can integrate the DotNetNuke development platform with powerful solutions like:

  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • Visual Studio
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • IIS

Professional DNN Development Services and Support

Do your IT and Marketing teams require support with their DotNetNuke projects? We can help you with pre-project, during-project and post-project support in areas such as:

  • Platform and Project Scalability
  • Project Specification and Planning
  • DotNetNuke Custom Module Development
  • Content Migration
  • Content Management
  • Graphics Design and Skinning
  • Usability Testing
  • DotNetNuke Skin Design
  • Security and Vulnerability Issues
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • Internet Analytics and Performance Monitoring
  • Database Systems
  • DotNetNuke Integration
  • DNN Mobile Applications
  • Multiple Language Projects
  • Ongoing Support from our DotNetNuke Developers and Programmers

Distinctive features of Dot Net Nuke Websites

These are a number of things that can easily be done with a DNN-based website:

  • The site content can be managed with ease – incorporating announcements, events, blogs, feedbacks, contact forms, etc.
  • Using tables, pictures, texts, links and more to enrich your site
  • Assignment of security levels and memberships
  • Sending bulk emails and submitting the website to the search engines
  • Customizing the page appearance by setting banner advertising

Please contact our Sales Team to receive a DotNetNuke Development quote.

SunTec's dedicated team of DotNetNuke developers is always there to implement your thoughts and ideas as per your visualization, and offer you scalable and unique solutions. We take pride in providing programming services for fresh modules and skins and integrate them with the existing CMS.

From small businesses to the big recognized companies, DotNetNuke is now being outsourced by all.

Benefits of Outsourcing DotNetNuke Development Services to us:

Easy to install and to host - DotNetNuke is especially designed in a manner that makes it easy for the users to manage core areas of their projects.

Fully extensible and scalable - Suitable for a variety of projects -- from the smallest website to the largest corporate deployment

Licensed under a BSD-style license - You need not worry about the legalities concerning incorporation, modification and the adaptation of the software to various personal/business usage.

Constant evolution through real world trial - With the open source nature of DNN, the DotNetNuke programmers and webmasters are allowed to read, redistribute, and modify the source code, which essentially evolves the software at a rapid pace.

Priority on security - With our DNN Development Services, we lay special attention on validating, encrypting, bug tracking and other potential threats.

Fully customizable - Portals can be modified at all levels beginning from basic appearance elements to new skins and module containers.

Recognized name - DotNetNuke is a trademark and a brand that is broadly recognized and respected in the open source community.

Why SunTec for DotNetNuke Design & DNN Module Development?

  • Quick response within two business days
  • Individual approach to every client
  • Agile approach including step by step implementation
  • Process transparency
  • Loyalty Programs for regular clients
  • Complete Customer Care

Discuss Your Project With Us

Contact us to find more about our DotNetNuke Development Services and how we can make your DNN project a complete success.

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SunTec's ECM Services are designed to eliminate dependencies on paper documents and organize unstructured information streamline business processes. click here to get our professional help now.

"SunTec's developers are really good at designing apps for kids. We wanted an app which boosts the creativity of the kids and makes learning fun for them, and the developers at SunTec were successful in doing it. The interface and the functionality, both were excellent and we are very happy to see the popularity of our app grow with each passing day." Luke Sharron, Student coordinator,
For Children's App Development Project