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Enterprise Application Integration

As per Gartner's research, a whopping 75% of organizations have 6+ varied systems in their information environments.

SunTec helps you align your IT and your business processes across common aims and initiatives.

Making the Enterprise Integrations Seamless: SunTec's Enterprise Application Integration Services

SunTec provides full lifecycle Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services which can help you to augment business processes and address IT infrastructure related concerns such as legacy systems and applications issues.

Our services help your processes and systems to connect, collaborate and scale effortlessly as per your business requirements.

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SunTec's advanced integration services are supported by the established frameworks, proven methodologies, technological competences and extensive cross industry experience.

We provide EAI services by connecting numerous enterprise applications, such as CRM, ERP, financial, supply chain management, business intelligence and internal applications.

Our professionals are comfortable working with all leading B2B and enterprise application integration solutions such as Microsoft, IBM and also Business Process Management (BPM), Complex Event Processing (CEP), Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), etc.

Connecting Applications All Across the Enterprise

For over fifteen years, we have worked with enterprises as partners – helping them modernize and link internal applications to fully leverage the prevailing on-premises systems and applications, and to become a mobile-ready enterprise.

The following are the major highlights of our enterprise integration services:

  • We have extensive experience in legacy systems and message-based middleware integration with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), XML, Distributed Common Object Model (DCOM ), HIPAA, and PCI standards, and can easily deliver support to you in the following:
    • EAI product assessments
    • EAI recommendations
    • EAI architecture and design
    • Adapter development
    • Post-implementation service and support
    • process modeling and interface designing of business processes or workflows
  • Enterprise application integration with the help of an Integration framework which includes wide range of technologies and services creating a middleware driver
  • System integration in an effective and secure way so as to streamline confidential data sharing among business partners
  • Seamless communication amongst organizations with the help of EDI technology
  • Mapping of electronic data into XML documents with the help of competent software so as to reduce cost

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Integrate your business processes for seamless alliance, improved ROI and greater business outcomes, with our Enterprise Application Integration Services. Click here to get our professional help now.

"An app which keeps the battery consumption level to the minimum and is highly user-friendly is what we envisioned and SunTec helped us in turning into reality. The developers stayed in touch throughout the process and gave us constant updates about our project. We could easily give feedback to them and get the change incorporated anytime we wanted to." Susan Walters, Sales Head,
For a Business App Development Project