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    At SunTec India, we have gathered under one roof the brightest and the ablest professionals who unite their diverse skills to make us industry leaders. We back our employees completely so that their talents flower and they realize every bit of their potential. Let us see what they have to say about the experience of working with SunTec:

    It was 12 years ago that I joined SunTec as a trainee. It was a nascent firm then. Over the years, I have watched SunTec grow and become one of the leading IT Outsourcing Companies in India. My suggestions have always been welcomed by the director; there has not been any dearth of opportunities. For the last couple of years, I've been heading the operations for an entire vertical. The company has allowed me to work as I like to and hire resources whenever I needed them. SunTec has groomed me into a full-fledged professional and helped me in my self-development.

    Bimlesh Pant

    Bimlesh Pant General Manager - OperationsSince 2002

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    It's been almost 10 years that I've been associated with SunTec. I must say it is a wonderful place to work where one can learn and grow at the same time. I started my career at SunTec as an Associate in the eCommerc Division and have today attained the position of a Sr. Project Manager. Right from the positive working environment to the many benefits the company provides to its employees, working for SunTec is fulfilling in more ways than one. Here one can excel and grow easily as per his/her skills and potential. Moreover, if we talk about the senior management in SunTec, they are indeed the best guides. I always get these positive vibes from my seniors and the people around me. I see myself being associated with SunTec for many more years to come.

    Ankur Arora

    Ankur Arora Sr. Project ManagerSince 2004

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    I joined SunTec as a process associate in 2005 and currently working as Assistant Project Manager. I have learned lot of things here in my 13 years journey.

    The best of part of company is our environment which we feel like a family.

    I have to say that this is a very good IT company to work with. Especially because, there is good working culture, rewards for the quarter performances, celebration activities and more. They adhere to a very good professional approach for their employees, the seniors are always ready to help with problems. I have made many friends and have been to trips with them. I even referred many of my friends to join SunTec.

    Lastly, I want to thank Murli Sir who hired me for this organization and also thanks to all my seniors who always supported and motivated me. Team members are too good in all department. Management is always do their best in helping people and growth of company.


    Ghanshyam Assistant Project ManagerSince 2005

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    Dear all communities of the SunTecIndia!

    It is an honor for me to reach here. Being a part of this company, I would say that this company gave me a lot. Especially I would like to thank the Director, Vice President and Deputy General Manager for their leadership and support during these twelve years. I would also like to thank my coworkers and teammates, who have made my life here interesting and enjoyable.

    Twelve years of service! I do not know how fast these years passed. But one thing is sure that these all years were incredible for me. I have never mentioned to anyone that I've been working here for such long time. I was sitting at my desk giving instructions to our colleague about this time last year. Now, I look around the room and realize that for about a decade, I was Project Officer in this department. It is a reflective moment. My career started here with the position of a process associate. I was young and full of great expectations. I worked very hard those years and I was promoted. I was assigned to a part of Multiple projects. During my experience in eCommerce, I have learned that progress does not stand still. Every year I follow the news in the world of eCommerce. It has allowed me to develop in the direction of today's needs. The inspiration that the information gave me became a driving force for achieving new goals. I am thankful that the company provided me with opportunities for self-development. So, my advice is to use every opportunity to do your work to the best of your ability.

    Let me close with a quote from a great Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Thank you again for this honor and the opportunity to share my thoughts and memories. I hope we will continue to do our best for our company and experience a huge success. Thanks to all of them who help or supported me during all of my Journey. Thank you!

    Ravi Kr. Gupta

    Ravi Kr. Gupta Assistant Project ManagerSince 2006

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    I started my journey 14 years back in 2005 as a junior associate. During this time the company was also evolving and I was fortunate to get an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization.

    Since then, it has been a great pleasure to be a part of SunTec family. I have been recognized many times and have been promoted in various positions. My knowledge and experience have always been appreciated by the seniors.

    It has never been possible to reach to this milestone without the support of my seniors and I wish to continue to deliver my best under their shade.

    Apart from this, the best part to work with SunTec is that you always get an opportunity to explore new areas and share your thoughts with the management without any hinderance. It's not that they only hear your thoughts, but they also consider them and implement wherever required.

    There has always been a positive vibe working here and great learning and sharing with the colleagues.

    Pradeep Kumar

    Pradeep Kumar Sr. Project ManagerSince 2005

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    I've been working with SunTec since last 11 years. I had joined here as a process associate and I got the fully support and help from my seniors management to enhance my skill according to the project requirement.  I was promoted as a Team Leader within one year once company found me to suitable for project handling. Since, my 11 years journey I got chance to handle many different types of the projects which helped me to improve myself to way a good professional.

    I would give thanks to my senior management to encouraging and providing me good opportunity. I indeed feel so grateful that I am still part of the SunTec family.”


    Baldev Singh Project ManagerSince 2008

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    It's been 14 years, I am working with SunTec Web Services under the mindful leaders who always motivate us to achieve extraordinary and hold everyone to high standards of responsibility and accountability.

    It is like a comfortable zone which has always given us much comfort and a familiar environment to give our best to the company and always stand true to our responsibility.

    The finest and the positive thing is that they give best environment to the female staff by providing them with day shift and other facilities to give them best protection.

    Anu Khurana

    Anu Khurana Project ManagerSince 2004

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    I have been with SunTec for almost 11 years and I do take pride in all the achievements I've had at SunTec. I work with such a great group of people that it makes it fun to come to work every day. We are not treated as numbers, but as an integral part of the company. I have had some personal situations, during which my coworkers and management supported me absolutely and unconditionally until everything was ok with my family. That makes a big difference to me.

    SunTec is like my second home and all the work colleagues here are like my family. I do not have any desire to leave SunTec, I love my job, the people I work with and the company's morals; hopefully I will be here for a long time to come.

    Nitin Singhal

    Nitin Singhal General Manager - International SalesSince 2008

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    I am very happy today for completing my 10 years of service in SunTec. I didn’t even realized how fast these year have passed but the best thing I feel is that these years were incredible for me. This place is not only company with rules but also gives us a friendly environment where we can work with the best motivation. My seniors motivation and support have always helped me to being the best to the company.

    I want to give special thanks to Pavan Sir for always motivating me and supporting me throughout this journey.

    Preeti Khurana

    Preeti Khurana Assistant Project ManagerSince 2009

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    First of all thanks to all my seniors who always supported and motivated me. Especially thanks to Sugeet Sir and Pavan Sir to give me a chance to prove myself. After that thanks to all my team members to support me as always the journey with SunTec so far is awesome I can't explain in the words!!! I joined the SunTec as a process associate in 2006 and currently working as a Sr. Project Manager.  There are many things which I have learnt in my 10 year journey. The best of part of company is our environment we feel like as family to working over here and that's the reason we enjoy a lot Look forward to work together many more year. Cheers!!!

    Kaushal Bhatt

    Kaushal Bhatt DGM - OperationsSince 2006

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    Amazing place to work, I have worked with SunTec Web Services for 12 years, and I have found my employment to be very rewarding and full of opportunities to grow. Everyday is a new challenge and a solid foundation for learning. The owner of the company are very friendly, personable and has an open door policy for all team players. The owner knows all the employees who assist in carrying out the mission statement. He is also aware of the clients that received care from the interdisciplinary staff. The Seniors are very supportive of all the team players in the field, and is always open to suggestions. Our office provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


    Karamveer Project ManagerSince 2007

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    It has been 12 Years with SunTec and I am nothing but proud to to be associated with SunTec. The best part of the organization is the environment as the leadership is quite humble and understanding. The management of the company is excellent.

    Ritesh Kumar Mishra

    Ritesh Kumar MishraSystem AdministratorSince 2010

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    It has been an amazing journey for me. It's been over 12 years since I joined SunTec. I started my career here as a fresher. I feel very fortunate that I am working under such seniors who are supporting me and guiding me in every situation and always motivate me to move forward. Many times I have been pushed to my limits to find out how much more potential I have. A nice and friendly environment is always a great requirement for you if you want to explore things. SunTec's policies are good. Convenient HR. And always try to provide good services for the employees.

    I feel great that I got the opportunity to be a part of the SunTec family.

    Deepak Kumar

    Deepak KumarAsst. Project Manager – NDT(Digital)Since 2009

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    Excellent Work Environment


    Best reasons to work with the SunTec Web Services

    • 1. Very cordial work environment
    • 2. Sr. management is supportive and encourages employees to give their best.
    • 3. Timely payment of salary.
    • 4. Good increments
    • 5. Nice and spacious offices with good work culture
    • 6. Recognition of smart work
    • 7. HR dept. keep doing activities to increase the bonding between teams and maintain a healthy competitive spirit between teams


    HR Dept. should do employee engagement activities to increase the bonding between teams and maintain a healthy competitive spirit between the teams

    Advice for management?

    Since the work is related to IT there for latest technology and equipment's should be provided to the employees.

    Meenakshi Bisht

    Meenakshi BishtSr. Executive – SEOSince 2010

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    SunTec India is an organization that values talent and gives its employees the freedom to drive results in their own way. I am working in SunTec India as a designer since last 10 years, the company provided us regular opportunities for growth and advancement in skills. We have well defined KRAs to prove our worth here without worrying about any hindrance from colleagues and managers.

    Vishal Thakur

    Vishal ThakurTeam LeaderSince 2011

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    In me SunTec got its 10th employee - 15 years ago. I joined here as a fresher. Within four months, as I learnt about the Company's services and started to find my feet in project handling, I was promoted to the position of Team Leader. What's very interesting is that the first client that I was entrusted with is still with us. In my extensive tenure with SunTec, I've had the opportunity to contribute in various capacities in Operations, HR, Admin & IT, and I currently hold the designation of General Manager, International Sales.

    I'd take this opportunity to thank my senior management for encouraging me all throughout and offering opportunities for advancement. I had opted for a growing company and I have seen growth with it. The 15 years that I have spent with SunTec have been challenging, exciting and extremely fruitful, and I have improved in great ways as a professional.

    Pavan Kakar

    Pavan Kakar AVPSince 2002

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    To be honest I have not expected I would achieve this long period here, as I had spent 8 year in four different organizations before SunTec and had some mixed experience there. Although last 11 years was like roller coaster ride for me here as well but still, I managed to hold on, only due to support and help of my seniors, specially Pavan sir and other co-workers who understood me and recognized my potential and helped me to become a better leader.

    The top management and kind leadership have given me enough opportunities in last 11 years to challenge myself with some new responsibilities and challenging tasks which contributed organization’s success and growth. I offer my gratitude to all fellow team members who made this journey possible for me for giving me much needed support and help in tough times when I needed it most.

    The employee friendly and growth oriented environment at SunTec is best. I am grateful and happy after completing 11 year with SunTec. Thank you very much.


    Kuldeep Kumar Sr. Project Manager Since 2008

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    I joined SunTec in 2005, when I was just 24 years old. Starting out as a Process Associate in the eCommerce Division, I have held many different roles over the years here. Today I'm a Project Manager at SunTec.

    I credit my career's longevity not only to my enjoyment of the work, but also to the colleagues with whom I've worked closely over the years. We have always thought that there is an excellent environment here to work and grow. I want to thank everyone I've worked with over the past 8 years, the support I've been given has been incredible.

    As of now, I have no plans to stop working here any time soon. I really love the work culture at SunTec and can't imagine myself working anywhere else.

    Saurabh Jagota

    Saurabh Jagota Assistant Project Manager Since 2005

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    Recently completed my 10 years, in this working period I was learnt about professionalism in the great environment with Senior management as well from the team mates. Thanks to all of them who help me during my 10 years Journey at every step. Always looking forward for more opportunities which make the journey with SunTec more n’ more successful upcoming years.

    Feeroz Khan

    Feeroz Khan Project OfficerSince 2009

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    There are a lot of pros working for SunTec.

    There are great career opportunities, a never-ending supply of interesting work, great people, a tremendous number of brilliant professionals in their fields ready to help.

    Flexible work environment - work where you live.

    Great Learning Experience. Lot of support and good exciting work.


    Harvinder System AdminstratorSince 2009

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    I found myself very lucky to join SunTec Web Services in 2006. It is a pleasant journey of learning, training and leading team in last 13 years. I can remember my first day when I joined as a fresher and now leading 150+ team sizes as an Asst. Project Manager. SunTec Management saw their trust and offers me opportunities to handle project responsibilities. Also, you will get a very good work environment to enhance your skills in both personal and professional ways. I am enjoying this work environment and looking for many more years to work with SunTec Family

    Pradeep Kr Panchal

    Pradeep Kr. Panchal Assistant Project ManagerSince 2006

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    I consider myself very lucky to have got an opportunity to work with SunTec. I want to say Thank you to SunTec for teaching me that every mistake is just a learning experience. I have learned so much with SunTec. Ever since I have been working for SunTec, I found myself evolving both with respect to my career as well as a person. Now 10 years of success and happiness has passed. Upcoming years are coming with bigger challenges and opportunities, I will beat the challenges and grab the opportunities with SunTec. I would like to say special thanks to my respected seniors and mentors.

    I want to continue my successful journey with SunTec many more years. Thank you so much SunTec.

    Vikash Kumar Sinha

    Vikash Kumar Sinha Sr. Process AssociateSince 2009

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    If you get an offer to work at SunTecIndia take it. SunTecIndia takes employee happiness seriously and people genuinely love the company. Mr Murli Pawar is leaps and bounds beyond his peers when it comes to VP who care. His governing motto is essentially that employees should wake up in the morning happy to go to work, if that isn't the case, he wants you to be honest about that with management. He also wants SunTecIndia partners to win. He pushes the idea that when they win, SunTecIndia wins. Happy employees who believe in the company also leads to an incredible environment.

    Everyone is working toward a communal goal, not for simply a pay check (though they make sure everyone is compensated well above market rate). I absolutely hated leaving the company and only did so because I was presented with an opportunity that changed the trajectory of my career path. If you're on the fence, consider this the push you need to take the leap. SunTecIndia is worth it.

    Sonu Rathore

    Sonu Rathore Team LeaderSince 2009

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    10 Years of Service, It's been an incredible ride. Completing a decade with SunTec has been one of the memorable moments. It's been filled with learning and growing within the organization. I am grateful to all my colleagues in SunTec who had contributed in my journey. I am able to grow professionally and this wouldn't be possible without everyone support. I am looking forward to many more years with SunTec contributing to the growth of the organization.

    Md. Arif

    Md. Arif Team LeaderSince 2009

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    I have been working at SunTec Web Services as a Project Officer since last 10 years and my journey so far is great. I have learned many things with SunTec and I felt very lucky to be a part of this organization. I am very grateful to all my seniors who helped me through my SunTec journey. Looking forward for more opportunities which make my journey with SunTec more successful in upcoming years.

    Manisha Rani

    Manisha Rani Project OfficerSince 2008

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    It's been an incredible ride since I became a part of this wonderful organization. It is always a dream of every college pass out to get a nice job and I am one of them to get an opportunity to become a part of this organization.

    Since then, I never looked back and completed a decade of my services and happy to complete many more to come. I have learned so many things and company helped me grow as a professional person. I have always been recognized by my seniors for the work. My seniors/company have always gave me equal opportunity to grow.

    I am thankful to all my seniors for supporting and inspiring me to do better than the last.

    Amit Chand

    Amit Chand Assistant Project ManagerSince 2006

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    Wow, Ten Years! These all years were incredible for me. Being part of SunTec I would say that this company gave me a lot. Especially, Mr. Ravi and all my seniors support me with best of they can do. Thanks to all of them who help me during all of my 10 years Journey. Let's keep it going and growing for the next 10 years.

    Pradeep Kanojia

    Pradeep Kanojia Assistant Project ManagerSince 2005

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    I am working as Team Leader in SunTec Web Services Pvt. Ltd. My association with the company has been of 11 years and counting. I still remember when I first came in this company I got the chance to utilize my skills at most and at the same time I got to learn new skills. Seniors in this company have been a constant support and co-operative to me and to all the other employees, they really work as a guiding light in our path.

    The working environment around the company is very friendly yet professional at the same time. At SunTec we believe that quality work is the key to success.

    Lastly, I want to thank Pavan Sir who hired me for this organisation and also thanks to all my seniors who always supported and motivated me.

    Nitin Kumar

    Nitin Kumar Team LeaderSince 2008

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    I've been working with SunTec since last 11 years. I had joined here as a junior associate and I got the fully support and help from my senior's management to enhance my skill according to the project requirement. The working environment around the company is very friendly yet professional at the same time. At SunTec we believe that quality work is the key to success. Thanks to all of them who help me during all of my 11 years Journey. Let's keep it going and growing for the next 10 years.

    I want to continue my successful journey with SunTec many more years. Thank you so much SunTec.

    Ajay Kumar Gupta

    Ajay Kumar GuptaSr. Process AssociateSince 2008

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    It's really been a pleasure working here. I have learnt so many things here and made improvements in myself.

    I have the best seniors and colleagues to work with and i am very happy to be a part of SunTec India.

    I joined SunTec in 2010 as Trainee in E-commerce team and the kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal which helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional.

    This was one of my best decisions to join SunTec. It's been 10+ years I am associated with SunTec and got multiple opportunities of learning and exploring new areas. From Trainee to Project Office is a journey full of passion & excitement.

    SunTec is truly an employee oriented organization, it encourages employees to explore new areas and learn and it has a great ability to see potential in people and put them in a place where they can develop and succeed. I am delighted being at a company that has continued to grow and expand its reach.

    The best part of SunTec which made me stay here for so long is its Culture - (Engage & Inclusive culture, respect for each individual, learning environment, promoting innovating thought etc). I am proud to be a part of SunTec family and looking forward for many more years.

    Santosh Jha

    Santosh JhaProject OfficerSince 2010

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    I am working as a Process Associate at SunTec. My association with the company has been for 11 years and still counting. I think SunTec Web Services Company is the best in the world. Because the working environment is too good. At SunTec we believe that quality work is the key to success. Thanks to all of them who help me during my 11 years of Journey. I got full support and help from my senior management to enhance my skill according to the project requirement.

    I want to continue my successful journey with SunTec for many more years. Thank you so much SunTec Web Services

    Mahender Kumar

    Mahender KumarProcess AssociateSince 2011

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    I like working for SunTec because I am allowed to be myself. The work environment is pleasant, and it feels like a second family. I have had tremendous growth opportunities , and that shows me that SunTec is dedicated to promoting within the company. It's a great feeling when you walk into a room and everyone knows your name and smiles when they see you. SunTec is the first company that I have been with for this long and I plan to stay many more years. I would recommend working for SunTec because you will be valued as an asset to the team; from the top of the totem pole to the bottom, everyone is treated fairly and kindly. What more could you ask for in a company.

    Nupur Bhardwaj

    Nupur BhardwajAssistant Manager - Talent Acquisition

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    Working at SunTec has given me a feeling of contentment in my career so far, where I keep on learning new things each day, confronting new challenges and situations coming my way and this all becomes possible when we have a supporting senior management with whose support and guidance, we can execute such things.

    Richa Vashisht

    Richa VashishtAssistant Manager -
    HR Operations

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    In my previous company, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but I knew there was something missing in the job, and I just wasn't sure what it was. So I thought of exploring another opportunity after having worked for tenure of 2 years, there. When I joined SunTec, I actually realized that I was looking for better culture and growth and a place to explore my ideas, which I got in my current job. I even felt that there was a bigger picture; the people you work with make a great difference in one's own personality, and thought process, too. Not only did I feel that I was making a difference in my world, but all my colleagues that I work with, feel the same as well. The work environment is so different from other work places that I have worked at. I believe this is because each person that I work with, not only chooses to be here, but they really LOVE their work and want to stay with the organization for long. The seniors and colleagues are all creative, supportive and fun to work with! It is a fun and loving work environment. I am also excited about working here because I got an opportunity to explore myself and to change myself in order to be more loving, accepting and delivering. Every morning wake-up excites me to go to work with enthusiasm, not as a burden or obligation. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing family - SunTec family.


    BaaniManager - Payroll

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    SunTec has provided me with various opportunities to learn and grow. The management here is very supportive and always listens to your concerns, whether they are personal or professional, thereby promoting a healthy work environment.

    Lovely Tyagi

    Lovely TyagiTeam Leader - SEOSince 2017

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    Joining SunTec was a great turning point in my career. I never knew my journey at SunTec would be so rewarding and fulfilling. 11 years have passed and I still feel the same curiosity and enthusiasm due to SunTec's amazing work culture. The unbiased support of the management and colleagues played a major role in bringing out the best in me. I am proud to be a part of the SunTec family.

    Rajiv Lal

    Rajiv LalSr. Web DesignerSince 2012