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Working at SunTec means a world to them, both personally and professionally. Hear what some of our people have to say...

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Meet Our People

At SunTec India, we have gathered under one roof the brightest and the ablest professionals who unite their diverse skills to make us industry leaders. We back our employees completely so that their talents flower and they realize every bit of their potential. Let us see what they have to say about the experience of working with SunTec:

It was 12 years ago that I joined SunTec as a trainee. It was a nascent firm then. Over the years, I have watched SunTec grow and become one of the leading IT Outsourcing Companies in India. My suggestions have always been welcomed by the director; there has not been any dearth of opportunities. For the last couple of years, I've been heading the operations for an entire vertical. The company has allowed me to work as I like to and hire resources whenever I needed them. SunTec has groomed me into a full-fledged professional and helped me in my self-development.

Bimlesh Pant,
Dy. General Manager, eCommerce

Pavan Kakar,
Sr. Manager, Sales - Data

In me SunTec got its 10th employee - 12 years ago. I joined here as a fresher. Within four months, as I learnt about the Company's services and started to find my feet in project handling, I was promoted to the position of Team Leader. What's very interesting is that the first client that I was entrusted with is still with us. In my extensive tenure with SunTec, I've had the opportunity to contribute in various capacities in Operations, HR, Admin & IT, and I currently hold the designation of Sr. Manager, Sales.

I'd take this opportunity to thank my senior management for encouraging me all throughout and offering opportunities for advancement. I had opted for a growing company and I have seen growth with it. The 12 years that I have spent with SunTec have been challenging, exciting and extremely fruitful, and I have improved in great ways as a professional.

I have been with SunTec for almost 6 years and I do take pride in all the achievements I've had at SunTec. I work with such a great group of people that it makes it fun to come to work every day. We are not treated as numbers, but as an integral part of the company. I have had some personal situations, during which my coworkers and management supported me absolutely and unconditionally until everything was ok with my family. That makes a big difference to me.

SunTec is like my second home and all the work colleagues here are like my family. I do not have any desire to leave SunTec, I love my job, the people I work with and the company's morals; hopefully I will be here for a long time to come.

Nitin Singhal,
Sr. Manager, Sales - eCommerce

Anil Maurya,
Web Developer

It has been more than two years since I joined SunTec after acquiring an MCA from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. My first stint was at the eCommerce division, at present I am a part of the Business Development Cell. In both places I have been able to add to my theoretical, class room education with priceless practical knowledge. My seniors have encouraged me to think out of the box, set myself newer challenges and set free my imagination. SunTec has helped me grow in skills and belief. I indeed feel so grateful that I am a part of the SunTec family.

It has been a wonderful six months with SunTec. When I joined SunTec, what struck me about the place was that how approachable the seniors are here. You are always free to seek them out for help and guidance. Besides, at SunTec you are really encouraged to raise the bar for yourself and get better at your craft. The work environment here is thoroughly professional without being cold or intimidating; it is vibrant with warmth and friendliness.

Saumya Dey,
Senior Content Writer

Ritesh Mishra,
System Administrator

I joined SunTec in the December of 2009, responsible for providing internal IT support. I really liked the people and the working environment here. We were not so big back then, hardly 250 employees. Over the years, I have watched SunTec grow into massive team strength of 1000+. My suggestions were always welcomed by the VP and the Director. I don't know if there's another job where you can have as much fun as at SunTec!

What could be better than learning as you work? Every day at SunTec India has been great. Being a writer, I always had a voice and opinion about things and at SunTec I was heard. SunTec gives everyone a chance to brainstorm and make suggestions. Glad to have an organization where employees are more than furniture. I got ample opportunities to grow, to learn new things and work with competitive people who pushed me to perform. I am glad to have seniors and colleagues who motivate me and encourage me at every step.

Shruti Sehgal,
SEO Content writer

Pradeep Kanojia,
Project Manager, eCommerce

All through these 9 years that I have been with SunteIndia, each day has been new and challenging - years very well spent. My seniors at SunTec India have always provided me the support and guidance I needed to grow as a professional. Not only have I been surrounded by brilliant professionals - people whom I can look up to and take inspiration from - but there have been so many opportunities for me to develop. I got appreciation as a 'Rising star' in 2009 and I would like to say special thanks to my boss who has never missed an opportunity to applaud my work and motivate me. The work environment and the open culture here inspire you to work harder and put your best foot forward.

SuntecIndia truly cares about its people. I am proud to be a part of it.

When I thought of resuming my career after a gap of 1 year and started looking for a job, I got a break with SunTec. I started at a junior position and now I am working as an Assistant Manager. I knew I wanted to join a company that can provide ample opportunities to grow and endless possibilities to learn. I have been a part of the 'SunTec Family' for over 4 years now, and have had the opportunity to play diverse roles across the Human Resource Functions. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement. I love working for SunTec. I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors and the fact that they have held my hand through tough times. I am very proud to be a part of the SunTec Family.

Asst. Manager, HR

Ankur Arora,
Project Manager, eCommerce

It's been almost 10 years that I've been associated with SunTec. I must say it is a wonderful place to work where one can learn and grow at the same time. I started my career at SunTec as an Associate in the eCommerc Division and have today attained the position of a Project Manager. Right from the positive working environment to the many benefits the company provides to its employees, working for SunTec is fulfilling in more ways than one. Here one can excel and grow easily as per his/her skills and potential. Moreover, if we talk about the senior management in SunTec, they are indeed the best guides. I always get these positive vibes from my seniors and the people around me. I see myself being associated with SunTec for many more years to come.

I joined SunTec in 2006, when I was just 24 years old. Starting out as a Process Associate in the eCommerce Division, I have held many different roles over the years here. Today I'm a Project Manager at SunTec.

I credit my career's longevity not only to my enjoyment of the work, but also to the colleagues with whom I've worked closely over the years. We have always thought that there is an excellent environment here to work and grow. I want to thank everyone I've worked with over the past 8 years, the support I've been given has been incredible.

As of now, I have no plans to stop working here any time soon. I really love the work culture at SunTec and can't imagine myself working anywhere else.

Saurabh Jagota,
Project Manager, eCommerce

Vishnu Sharma,
PHP Programmer

It has been a very great learning experience working with the Technoscore Division of SunTec.

I came here as a software trainee and learned so much in a very short interval because of the very good learning environment that prevails here. The people here are very supportive and helpful.

I am very much thankful to SunTec as it has helped me build my career.

It's been two years since I joined SunTec. Back then, I was a fresher and everyone knows how hard it is for a fresher to get a job in an organization as big as SunTec. But I got through and I still remember that I received a feedback from my manager that I could do better if I worked on my grammar skills. Having spent two years at SunTec, I think I've grown not only as a writer but also as a professional. I just don't feel like leaving this place. It has become a second home for me. The people around, the work I do, my manager; my salary...each thing inspires me to do my best. Every single day, I look forward to the next day to work. I mean, how many of us actually feel like that? At least I do. Thank you, SunTec.

Maumita Bhattacharya,
Team Lead, Content

Abdul Sultan,
Project Lead - Design & Multimedia

I started my journey with SunTec India as a UI Developer. When I pause and look back at my journey with SunTec, then I realize that the 5 wonderful years that I spent here could not have been better.

This is the place, I got the opportunity to learn new technologies, and explore my capabilities. I have been entrusted with the responsibilities of team handling, interacting with clients, and managing projects. The work environment is extremely conducive here, which of course boosts up my confidence level to deliver my best and to take the new challenges of work.

I am really thankful and proud to be a part of SunTec.

Joining SunTec has been one of the greatest decisions of my life! Since joining this company I have faced various exciting and challenging opportunities to lead various SEO projects. My job allowed me the fine opportunity to work with different people, both locally as well as globally. We have a great network of online clients, and we make a fantastic team. I am proud to be associated with this company. I really enjoy my job and when I leave the office at the end of the day, it makes me feel as though I can do more to contribute to the success of our organization. When I joined this company, we had a small section of SEO and there were only 2 people working with me. With the joint efforts of our director, VP, associates and sales managers, we have grown into a big team. Our Company management has provided us with a simple process that can be used to improve workers' enthusiasm and, as a result, improve productivity and achieve online targets.

Anil Batra,
Project Manager - SEO

Vishal Thakur,
Team Lead - Design & Multimedia

Working at SunTec has been a great experience for me. Besides my own hard work and passion for designing, I give major credit to my seniors who motivated me to face the professional challenges. They have played a significant role in honing my skills and helping me transform into a thorough professional. Today, I see myself in a position to scale new heights in my career.

In my previous company, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but I knew there was something missing in the job, and I just wasn't sure what it was. So I thought of exploring another opportunity after having worked for tenure of 2 years, there. When I joined SunTec, I actually realized that I was looking for better culture and growth and a place to explore my ideas, which I got in my current job. I even felt that there was a bigger picture; the people you work with make a great difference in one's own personality, and thought process, too. Not only did I feel that I was making a difference in my world, but all my colleagues that I work with, feel the same as well. The work environment is so different from other work places that I have worked at. I believe this is because each person that I work with, not only chooses to be here, but they really LOVE their work and want to stay with the organization for long. The seniors and colleagues are all creative, supportive and fun to work with! It is a fun and loving work environment. I am also excited about working here because I got an opportunity to explore myself and to change myself in order to be more loving, accepting and delivering. Every morning wake-up excites me to go to work with enthusiasm, not as a burden or obligation. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing family - SunTec family.

Sonia Sharma,
Sr. Executive - Accounts

Sameer Rathi,
Web Designer

Constant motivation and support from seniors has enhanced the web development professional in me and has been the driving force since I joined SunTec six years ago. I have learned how to carry myself in front of the clients. It's good to work with people who share the same desire and enthusiasm to grow and make a difference.

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