Meet Our People

Working at SunTec means a world to them, both personally and professionally.
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Meet Our People

Lovely Tyagi,
Team Leader - SEO

SunTec has provided me with various opportunities to learn and grow. The management here is very supportive and always listens to your concerns, whether they are personal or professional, thereby promoting a healthy work environment.

I like working for SunTec because I am allowed to be myself. The work environment is pleasant, and it feels like a second family. I have had tremendous growth opportunities , and that shows me that SunTec is dedicated to promoting within the company. It's a great feeling when you walk into a room and everyone knows your name and smiles when they see you. SunTec is the first company that I have been with for this long and I plan to stay many more years. I would recommend working for SunTec because you will be valued as an asset to the team; from the top of the totem pole to the bottom, everyone is treated fairly and kindly. What more could you ask for in a company.

Nupur Bhardwaj,
Assistant Manager - Talent Acquisition

Richa Vashisht,
Team Leader - HR

Working at SunTec has given me a feeling of contentment in my career so far, where I keep on learning new things each day, confronting new challenges and situations coming my way and this all becomes possible when we have a supporting senior management with whose support and guidance, we can execute such things.

I joined SunTec in the December of 2009, responsible for providing internal IT support. I really liked the people and the working environment here. We were not so big back then, hardly 250 employees. Over the years, I have watched SunTec grow into massive team strength of 1,500. My suggestions were always welcomed by the VP and the Director. I don't know if there's another job where you can have as much fun as at SunTec!

Ritesh Mishra,
System Administrator

Pradeep Kanojia,
Project Manager, eCommerce

All through these 9 years that I have been with SunTecIndia, each day has been new and challenging - years very well spent. My seniors at SunTec India have always provided me the support and guidance I needed to grow as a professional. Not only have I been surrounded by brilliant professionals - people whom I can look up to and take inspiration from - but there have been so many opportunities for me to develop. I got appreciation as a 'Rising star' in 2009 and I would like to say special thanks to my boss who has never missed an opportunity to applaud my work and motivate me. The work environment and the open culture here inspire you to work harder and put your best foot forward.

SunTecIndia truly cares about its people. I am proud to be a part of it.

In my previous company, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but I knew there was something missing in the job, and I just wasn't sure what it was. So I thought of exploring another opportunity after having worked for tenure of 2 years, there. When I joined SunTec, I actually realized that I was looking for better culture and growth and a place to explore my ideas, which I got in my current job. I even felt that there was a bigger picture; the people you work with make a great difference in one's own personality, and thought process, too. Not only did I feel that I was making a difference in my world, but all my colleagues that I work with, feel the same as well. The work environment is so different from other work places that I have worked at. I believe this is because each person that I work with, not only chooses to be here, but they really LOVE their work and want to stay with the organization for long. The seniors and colleagues are all creative, supportive and fun to work with! It is a fun and loving work environment. I am also excited about working here because I got an opportunity to explore myself and to change myself in order to be more loving, accepting and delivering. Every morning wake-up excites me to go to work with enthusiasm, not as a burden or obligation. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing family - SunTec family.

Manager - Payroll

Rajiv Lal

Rajiv Lal,
Sr. Web Designer

Joining SunTec was a great turning point in my career. I never knew my journey at SunTec would be so rewarding and fulfilling. Many years have passed and I still feel the same curiosity and enthusiasm due to SunTec’s amazing work culture. The unbiased support of the management and colleagues played a major role in bringing out the best in me. I am proud to be a part of the SunTec family.

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