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Case Study
Interactive CD Applications and Data Digitization

Chartered Secretary on CD ROM (9th edition) 40 years of journals on your finger tips

The ICSI is a premier national professional body (imparting education primarily through distance learning) established by an Act of Parliament (Company Secretaries Act, 1980) to develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in India.

The CD contains the Chartered Secretary Journal from the year 1971 to July 2011. The CD facilitates easy retrieval of the desired documents from the vast data of 40 volumes of Chartered Secretary through its customized powerful search engine. The CD has proved to be a treasure for Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Corporate Executives, Academicians and Researchers and provide them a competitive edge in their areas of operation and expertise.


The CD contains the 40 years' of published Chartered Secretary Journals from the year 1971 to 2011. The end-user can make use of the navigation structure to browse the content, or the search facility to extract desired content. The project consisted of:

  • developing an interactive CD application to organize, index and publish a large body of mixed content such as text, images, illustrations
  • digitizing journals: 40 years of journals. Scanning, text & XHTML conversion, creating metadata and indexes


  • Navigational Search (year-wise and category-wise)
  • Random Search (category-wise) in:
    • Articles
    • From the Government
    • Legal World
    • Points Of View
    • Corporate Miscellany
    • Prize Query
    • Highlight Text
  • Search within Search Results
  • Save Search Result
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Add Notes
  • Global Search (search in all categories simultaneously)
    • Heading Search
    • Keyword Search


The CD uses SunTec's proprietary software framework specifically designed to organise, index and publish a large body of mixed content such as text, images, illustrations, etc. Using its intuitive tools, it is easy to create a navigational structure for your content - a hierarchical 'table of contents' to organise the content to enable users to easily find their way around. One can even create multiple navigational structures for the same content, very helpful to present content for different types of user or in any other alternative way.

This navigational structure is mapped to the underlying physical storage structure comprising folders (on your hard disk, or on DVD-ROM) or on a web server, or on a combination thereof. One has the option to regularly seamlessly update the off-line content with dynamic online content.

The application uses extensive metadata to build searchable indexes for the journals. The textual content is stored in standard XHTML and XML formats. A full-text index is generated allowing quick and powerful searching of all words in the text.

Software copy protection and license management:

SunTec's proprietary activation mechanism with its strong copy protection and intellectual property protection uses a registration key, which protects the application from unauthorised distribution and use. This ensures that every copy is paid for and there are no revenue losses for our client.

Application areas for Interactive CD Applications and Data Digitization:

  • Scientific, medical and technical publishing
  • Archive management: text, photos, video and sound libraries
  • In-house reference and technical manuals
  • Consumer reference titles
End-to-end solution With Us

SunTec offers full range of software consultancy and data conversion services to help organizations meet their critical needs. Our Interactive CD/DVD Applications are based a completely new software platform developed by SunTec that provides a powerful framework for delivery of interactive content.

Our Data Capture/Data Entry/Document Conversion division handles conversion of large and varied data to desired electronic formats, including building complex and subject-specific metadata. We deliver textual data guaranteed at accuracy levels of 99.995% or better and can meet the tightest turnaround times.

Please contact us at info@suntecindia.com for further details on how we can help your organization convert raw information to interactive content.