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Custom eCommerce Development

Most eCommerce sites these days tend to work seamlessly using an off the shelf eCommerce platform such as Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart, etc. However, there are plenty of others having more unique requirements. Often these are industry specific requirements pertaining to compliance, auditing or government regulation that requires development of a custom platform. In such a scenario, using an off the shelf platform won't solve the purpose. Our team of developers have wide experience of building shopping carts from ground up and integrating POS systems into modern as well as legacy accounting systems.

If you are in need of an eCommerce portal for your business that can also serve as a website allowing payment of dues by members, collection of service fees, or making payment to vendors, SunTec can help you with all this and much more.

We are well equipped to handle all your custom eCommerce development requirements including custom reporting, integration with Inventory Management Systems, Warehouse management systems as well as with drop shipping company.

We make sure that all our eCommerce platforms are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant irrespective of the technology used such as PHP, Ruby on Rails or ASP.Net.

We can help you with and provide support for completing online tests, developing hourly security scans, or whatever such other requirements your IT department might feel appropriate for better functioning of your eCommerce site.

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SunTec's eCommerce solutions offer complete control to you over product inventory, images, discounts, specials, and prices through a common web browser. Our back-end solution lets the merchant update store contents and prices without having to learn complex database manipulation.

eCommerce Website Features

Having a solid eCommerce platform is the foundation of your online business. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining completely customizable. We offer the following:

  • Open Source eCommerce Shopping Cart: We use some of the most respected open-source eCommerce shopping carts, e.g. Magento. We offer the most professional customization of Magento, osCommerce, CRE Loaded, Zen Cart. Using an open source platform means no yearly subscription fee and technically, we are able to custom-make your online shop to your own requirements.
  • Managing Your eCommerce Website: SunTec makes it simple for you to manage your eCommerce website. From adding products and categories to running promotions and sending newsletters, you have full access to make updates instantly via a Content Management System (CMS).
  • Shipping Options: We can either set up flat-rate shipping fees managed by your own company, or use integrated real-time shipping rates from large freight organisations such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.
  • Marketing, Promotion and Tools: Increase your conversion rates with a wide range of features within easily managed admin panel. You can promote your products more effectively and react to search trends by using features such as Special offers (discount vouchers, free shipping, etc.), Multi-tier pricing for trade customers, 'Back in Stock' notification emails, and many more.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO): At SunTec, our search engine optimization and eCommerce website optimization campaigns are about the end result - more traffic and more sales. Marketing your products or service online is just as important as the website itself. Our eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) ensures visitors will find your website and products, making your website a success.

At SunTec, we deliver affordable and dynamic web site development & eCommerce solutions, customized to our client's specific needs. Our web site development and design approach integrates the perfect balance of both 'front-end' and 'back-end' functionality, firm project management, proper information architecture, eCommerce solutions, and sensitivity to the user experience. The result of this creativity and know-how is creating successful internal, business-to-business, and retail web sites focused on the bottom line.

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Please contact us at info@suntecindia.com to learn more about how SunTec can create a custom eCommerce design plan tailored to your store.

“At SunTec, we got our idea of an easily navigable app for efficient management of leads. Developers at SunTec matched the quality standards which we expected and completed the project on-time. We can now manage our leads, distinguish between the qualities of the leads and easily track, report and consolidate our leads at one place with a simple touch.” Brian Walter, COO,
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