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Cross Platform Mobile App Development

We understand that it's important for you to make sure that your mobile Apps work across platforms – Android, iOS, Amazon Fire OS, Windows Phone, Mobile Web Apps – to effectively support all your users.

SunTec's Cross Platform Mobile App Development services, enabling 'build-once-run-everywhere' approach is greatly benefitting organizations, in terms of interoperability of mobile applications across a range of mobile devices and operating systems.

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Go Cross-Platform To Be Where Your Users Are!

SunTec builds, customizes, integrates, deploys, installs, and implements cross-platform mobile apps using commercial as well as open source mobile frameworks.

Our cross platform mobile app development services is comprised of both small and composite mobile application development. We have years of experience of developing successful applications related to diverse categories such as news, tools & utilities, shopping, travel, education, etc.

SunTec has resource pool of highly competent, experienced and skilled cross platform mobile app developers who are proficient in working on all major cross platform SDK and frameworks such as PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, AppAccelerator, MonoTouch, Titanium, HTML5, jQuery Mobile and Sencha.

Build High-Performance Multi-Platform Mobile Apps with SunTec

The following are the major highlights of our cross platform mobile development services:

  • Expert in using the best and most powerful tools for building cross-platform apps to give you the app you need
  • Create slick, intuitive and truly engaging user interfaces
  • Can write a single code base for your app that works across platforms
  • Can deliver flexible back-end integration together with a powerful database and API
  • Make use of RESTful APIs and Cloud asset storage to help your mobile app perform with less bandwidth
  • Ease of maintenance as if there is a bug in the common codebase, it needs to be fixed only once.
  • Significant reduction in time to deployment coupled with reduced training costs

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SunTec's continued history of success comes from supporting our clients on all kinds of projects. With our Multi-Platform App Development Services, we can help you build mobile apps that can work seamlessly across platforms, supporting all your users. click here to get our professional help now.

"SunTec's developers are really good at designing apps for kids. We wanted an app which boosts the creativity of the kids and makes learning fun for them, and the developers at SunTec were successful in doing it. The interface and the functionality, both were excellent and we are very happy to see the popularity of our app grow with each passing day." Luke Sharron, Student coordinator,
For Children's App Development Project