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Cloud Computing Services / Cloud App Development Services

SunTec’s Cloud Computing Services help entrepreneurs in achieving greater operational agility and IT governance across their enterprise. We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes to transform their business processes, datacentres, and mission-critical applications through our wide range of Cloud solutions.

SunTec’s Cloud Computing Services at a Glance

Cloud Strategy and Consulting: SunTec’s cloud computing experts work in tandem with you to define a sound strategy, assess your applications’ suitability for cloud computing, and select the right cloud platform that will drive your business’ IT growth.

Cloud App Development Services: Whether you want to develop, migrate, or re-engineer your application for the cloud, our experts are well-versed in helping you with all your cloud computing needs. Once cloud-enabled, you will be able to scale your web applications, set up testing environment, experiment with High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms, and do much more with ease.

Cloud Software Services: Our Cloud Software Services cover the entire spectrum of business processes that leverage the SaaS platform. It includes deploying and managing business critical applications and CRM systems, etc.

Cloud Management Services: With extensive knowledge in deploying and managing all types of cloud platforms including hybrid clouds, our experts ensure that your cloud-based resources are functioning optimally.

Our end-to-end cloud computing solutions have produced measurable results for our clients across the world. We meet your cloud computing, storage, network, and security needs with optimum efficiency and ensure quick and successful adoption of cloud computing while complying with industry standards and mitigating the risks involved.

The SunTec Advantage

Our personalised approach will help you with the following:

  • Choose the right cloud applications for your environment, and your business needs
  • Outline a migration strategy and roadmap in sync with your cloud implementation objectives
  • Well-defined processes ensuring smooth operations on the cloud server
  • Figure out security issues to ensure maximum information security
  • End-to-end capabilities including consulting, implementation and migration services for smooth cloud transformation
Discuss Your Project With Us
Our cloud computing services facilitate you with scalable resources over the web that can be deployed, managed, and operated quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal efforts. For agile cloud computing services on industry-leading cloud platforms, kindly get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com.

Our Partners and Expertise

Our Partners and Expertise