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CASE STUDY: Online Sports Store based on Joomla

Client: Tennis R Us
Website: www.tennisrus.com

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Client Background:

Tennis R Us is a website designed for tennis lovers providing different benefits to tennis players, coaches and retailers. The website is a social network, online market place and an online store. Whether you are looking for a local game, professional or a court, or you are looking to organize a tennis event, you can do it all with Tennis R Us.

Client’s Objective:

The client’s objective was to design a website which is a social network, online store and a market place for tennis lovers, all combined in to one. The client wanted us to build a one stop shop for tennis lovers all around the world. With our client’s website, local tennis players could also come into the limelight, participate in a tournament, get coaching from professional coaches, connect with other players, purchase tennis accessories and leverage many other advantages. In short, the client wanted the website to be a combination of Craig’s List, Facebook and Amazon.

Project Challenges:

Solutions Offered by SunTec:

Keeping in mind the challenges involved and the huge structure of the proposed website, we adopted a three tier development approach which included:

Key Features of the Website Developed By SunTec

Our team of developers carried out an extensive pre-development research and after considering the requirements and budget of our client, they decided to use Joomla to develop a bespoke website in the minimum possible time. We provided the following solutions to our client:

Technologies Used:


The result is an attractive, functional, user-friendly website with broad reach due to responsive web design techniques and effective SEO techniques. The website has information for over 20,000 courts with their location on the Google Maps. The website offers different features for coaches and players. Player can book their individual or group training session with the coaches, showcase their skills, challenge other players, etc., while the coaches can interact with the students through the social network, set their skill levels and certification, check their bookings and do much more.

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