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Everyone expected a major boom in the web development industry in the beginning of the year 2016. Now that we are in the third quarter, we have realized the extent of that growth and it’s ENORMOUS!

With emerging web development technologies and tools, we believe developers to exploit the most out of it. To name a few, we have:

Motion User Interface or Motion UI

You can use Motion UI to create animations and CSSS transitions more quickly and efficiently. Being a Saas library, it makes app’s transitions look smooth with rich predefined motions. Moreover, the seamless integration of prototypical animated elements into websites makes it the most preferable library for developers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

App development has been revolutionized with the use of Internet of Things. As per Technavio, with an estimated 31.72% growth rate in CAGR between 2015 and 2019, IoT enables exchange of data by linking smart objects to the internet. Multinational giant Gartner predicts that at least half of the IoT development projects will be handled by startups under 3 years of experience.

With a rising flux of devices being connected to the internet, web developers find it essential to introduce IoT for user’s easy access to their gadgets.

Browser-based Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

With cloud based versions of IDEs coming into play, web developers are graduating from relatively older IDE platforms like VIM and IntelliJ and migrating to more developer-friendly platforms. Flexibility playing a major role here, cloud based IDEs have a huge community behind them, thus creating an efficient support system for web developers.

With multiple tool features in cloud based IDEs, you can do a quick test of a bootstrap code of Jade (a templating language focused on enabling quick HTML coding) without downloading any file. Such platforms reduce a web developer’s workload.

Full-screen Navigation Design

Full-screen navigation design enables enhanced user experience on mobile devices. Suppose you need to fill a form on a website through your mobile device. Using this feature, if you tap on the blank spaces in the form, it jumps to a full screen size, thus enabling the user to fill it more conveniently.

Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps, a front-end framework for developing fully responsive web apps, helps developers build well designed future-friendly web apps faster than ever before. Using leading technologies like Flexbox and Angular, this framework fast-tracks the code-writing process. It might just be the ‘thing’ you are looking for to expedite your app development project.

Real-time and Responsive Web Development

With wearable gadgets like Apple watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift showcasing exceptional responsive design features, real-time analytics is finding increased application in desktop and mobile apps. Working on similar real-time services, is gaining traction among developers. To enhance live streaming experience on social media platforms, Periscope and Meerkat are trending across the globe.

Faster Application Development with Containers

The architecture of containers paves the way for dividing applications into distributed objects or containers. Not only that, employing clustering, scheduling, and orchestration technology, developers can make sure that programs embedded in containers can scale and are resilient.

Since the introduction of Docker, web development witnessed multiple actions and changes. Docker is a popular container service that enables faster software development irrespective of the running environment. Having all the dependencies to run an application on its own, it not only supports building fault-tolerant systems but also bring in flexibility around workload management.

Block Site Advertisements and Upgrade Security Measures

With site owners losing income to advertisement-blocking plugins, the irony hits you hard. In a bid to save their money, UK ad blocking grew by 82% and reached 12 million active users. Moreover, with mobile apps omnipresence, security measures are being upgraded to maintain data integrity.

Computer Vision Power of Bowser

With frameworks like tracking.js and new binary formats like WebAssembly, JavaScript has become the standard language of the browser. It enables us to perform multiple things inside the browser, thus optimizing user experience.

Bots Become Standard UX

If you are using any collaboration tool to organize your projects and manage your team, you will find bots asking you standard questions to help you customize your dashboard. If you make a new Slack account, the so called Slackbot welcomes you on-board. The bots are customized to ask for additional details too.

It’s like the beginning of a new era with bot enabled social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram and WeChat.

There’s A Lot More To Come!

With the influx of such technologies, one thing is certain. The web developers are in for a treat as they experiment with the new tools and create user-friendly web interfaces.

Did we miss out on any of the current web development trends? We’d love to hear of that. Please leave a comment or write to us at

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