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Magento 2.3 – Accelerate Your Store’s Growth in 2019


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  • Magento‚Äôs latest version, 2.3, sees the light of day.
  • Brings along lots of features, including PWA Studio, SCD_ON_DEMAND, GraphQL, aimed at delivering better performance, addressing the security concerns, making development easy, and filling in the gaps.
  • Take a deeper dive into what earns Magento 2.3 a place in your action plan 2019.

First heard of at Imagine 2018, Las Vegas, Magento 2.3, is finally here, and is already making waves for obvious reasons. And guess what, while 2018 was by all means a good year for Magento store owners, 2019 could be even better. More so because the latest release, with a plethora of new features, looks quite promising, to say the least, and is expected to make up for the gaps; not that we were complaining. Now, before you get all you worked up, and go ahead and install Magento right away, it’s imperative for you to be in the know, and find out what all is in the offing.

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