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Mother’s day is almost here and shoppers are already going gaga over buying the best possible gifts for their moms. After all, this day is all about thanking and appreciating a mother. And for you, an online seller, Mother’s Day is an opportunity waiting to happen.

The 2020 Lockdown encountered a seismic shift towards online shopping, more than we could ever think of, and continues to be a huge pool for sellers. As Mother’s Day coincides with lockdown and social distancing, it is also influencing consumer behavior and spending habits across the globe.

To drive your eCommerce sales, we’ve put together exclusive marketing strategies and ideas to embellish your store. Also, if you want to save time for other essential business operations, opt for eCommerce SEO services.

1. Mother’s day shopping is bigger than your imagination

With COVID-19 still causing barriers, more people will look to eCommerce options for their Mother’s Day shopping instead of an outside dinner or travel plans.

As per the annual survey by National Retail Federation (NRF), Mother’s Day will encounter a huge rise in consumer spending that is predicted to reach $28.09 billion, which implies that approximately 83% of US adults will celebrate this occasion.

NRF Data


NRF Data 2


2. Discount for early birds

Entice customers to shop sooner rather than later from your website by offering ‘early bird discounts’. This online marketing strategy will set you apart from your competitors as consumers will be attracted to great deals and offers.

Further, you can roll out discounts to new customers. This will increase the number of sign-ups, allowing you to widen your customer reach. It will also increase sales, customers, and conversions.

3. Include a dedicated category page

Let’s start with making it all easily findable. Your eCommerce store may have a lot of items that can be used for gifting on Mother’s Day, but making them easily accessible is the key to selling more. You can make a separate category for Mother’s Day in your eStore’s category section. This category can then contain gift ideas, special discounts, special gift packages, etc. to highlight the best products for gifting. Design an attractive landing page, and if you don’t know how to come up with one, then you can always go for eCommerce website design services to get one incorporated.

4. Play around with the UX design of your landing pages

Get the best out of your digital marketing efforts by creating beautiful, quirky, and attractive landing pages to hook customers to your website. For instance, check your key URLs and make sure they have high-quality images and top-notch content. Analyze whether the landing pages are communicating the Mother’s Day message, have accurate USPs and discounts.

These small fixes can make a big difference when it comes to converting visitors into customers. If you are not well-versed with designing web pages, we recommend you opt for eCommerce website design services.

5. How about an interesting blog full of ideas?

Interesting and engaging content never fails to connect with readers. As for your eCommerce store, you can create a blog post keeping the Mother’s Day theme in mind. For example, you can write about the significance of Mother’s Day or could come up with celebration ideas for the day. Titles like “10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Mum Feel Special On This Mother’s Day” or “Say I Love You Mom With These Perfectly Heartwarming Gifts” will attract buyers who are looking for gifts as well as ways to celebrate the day. Plus, the second title contains ‘I Love You Mom’, which is one of the most searched keywords during this period. You can create other titles and content using such targeted keywords. If your content revolves around gifts, you can also link the suggestions to your product page, which can help increase sales.

6. Get creative on social media

Social media is one platform that holds a lot of potential if you leverage it right. You can promote the Mother’s day section via regular social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Announce some attractive discounts to invite more customers. You could also do something fun. Post funny memes and related quotes on your social media page to encourage likes and shares. You can even organize a contest over your social media page where you invite people to post a specific kind of video, thanking their mother or describing what they love about their mother. Apart from videos, you could also invite people to tell mother’s day stories or post dedications with popular hashtags like #thanksmom, #iloveyoumom, #mymomisthebest, etc. and their mother tagged. As soon as a particular idea hits and increases engagement, you will see an increase in the number of followers, thus enhancing your brand awareness. This will be beneficial for not just Mother’s Day, but for your future sales too.

7. Special product bundles + upsell/cross-sell = huge sales

Mother’s Day does call for something special. Come up with customized product bundles to attract customer attention. For example, you could club certain makeup products together to create a special Mother’s Day beauty basket. Or, you could club a matching watch and a bracelet. These special product bundles can then be used while upselling or cross-selling. For example, if a customer lands on the product page for a perfume, suggest them to buy a bundle that also contains perfumed talc. If a customer has landed on a smartphone product page, suggest a better version.

8. Buyers are looking for something meaningful: Give it to them

People tend to look for gifts that are memorable and meaningful. If possible, come up with some personalized gift items for the occasion. A personalized showpiece or a custom name necklace could do wonders. Or, if your eCommerce store deals in apparel, you could come up with matching mother-daughter or mother-son outfits. Such gift items gain traction easily, and thus, can help you make more sales when promoted aggressively. Since you need to hurry with the product upload process, opting for eCommerce product data entry services can be a good way to speed things up.

9. Send frequent reminders with emails

Emails are one of the best ways to spread the word. Get interesting and attractive email templates designed and use them to tell customers about the discounts and schemes that you’re coming up with for Mother’s Day. Alternatively, you could simply mail your customers a gift guide that contains nothing but gifting suggestions and engaging content. This is good for building a long-term customer base.

10. Influencer marketing to the rescue

Influencer marketing works great when promoting gift items. Reach out to as many influencers on Instagram and Facebook as you can and request them to support your Mother’s Day campaigns.

11. Don’t forget to target the most searched keywords

Targeting the most searched keywords around Mother’s Day will definitely help you in driving greater traffic to your eCommerce store. Including popular keywords in your product page, product copy, blog content, social media posts, etc. can help you in achieving more visibility too. For example, according to Keywords Everywhere, the following is a list of popular keywords related to “Mother’s day gifts”, that you could use:

To get better insights for the keywords that would work well for your eStore, you could opt for eCommerce SEO services.

12. Be fast and furious with free shipping

Normally, customers are more aligned towards the eCommerce stores that offer free shipping than the ones that charge a shipping fee. For Mother’s Day, providing free shipping can be an effective way to grab customer attention. Not just that, you need to be consistent and fast with the shipping. This will help you gain their trust for similar events in the future.

13. Offer free gifts to sell more

Free gifts and giveaways always encourage customers to buy more. For example, if you come up with an offer that says “free gifts on orders above $50”, you are likely to persuade a customer, who might only be thinking of spending, say, $40, to spend a little more. The free gift you offer can be from a stock that you want to clear or a promotional item that could help you with achieving better brand recognition.

Together with brilliant product ideas and the aforementioned tips, you’ll be all set to rock your eCommerce sales this Mother’s Day. Aim for increased customer engagement and quality SEO, and you’ll be good to go. And guess what, the very same tips could come in handy if you were to leverage the hype around Father’s Day, which, as you know, will be celebrated on 16th June this year. It is highly recommended that you act well in time so as to get the first-mover advantage.

14. Address the current pandemic situation

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives. So, look for strategies to engage with your customers through products and offerings. Why not make this tough time easier for them to shop.

For example, if you have maternity wear or a self-care brand. You can launch a digital community to interact with expectant mothers and offer free delivery to them including a gift card.

Make More Sales with SunTec India

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to boost your online sales amidst the pandemic. Follow the tips mentioned above to drive your eCommerce store revenue. If you are running out of time, we can help in optimizing your eCommerce website. Hire qualified eCommerce marketing experts at SunTec India who know eCommerce SEO inside out. Connect with us at to know more about our services.

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