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Father’s Day is almost here. For those not in the know, well, save the date, it’s 16 June 2019. And now is the perfect time to start preparing for it. As much as we hate to say this, Father’s Day is not as popular as Mother’s Day, but then, as an eCommerce store owner, you can’t afford to neglect this holiday as it can cost you dearly. How? Let’s take a look at the spending figures predicted for this year.

According to NRF, Father’s Day spending for this year is expected to reach an all-time high of $16 Billion. With around 76% of Americans planning to celebrate the day, it is predicted that the average amount spent by each individual will be somewhere near $139.

eCommerce store optimization

Well, the figures might not be as encouraging as that of Mother’s Day, but they still count. And if you want to grab your share of the pie, you have got to start preparing right away in order to make your store the go-to choice for those 76%. Or better yet, try and convince even the remaining 24% to make a purchase.

Here are a few pointers that’ll help:

  • Send out Father’s Day reminders

    Send out Father's Day reminders

    Many shoppers out there aren’t quite aware of this upcoming holiday. So, the first thing to do is send out gentle reminders and create a sense of urgency. Your reminders can be in the form of an email with an interesting layout. And while you are at it, don’t forget to include the links to your dedicated Father’s Day gifting pages to give them a nudge. If you don’t have a separate webpage, you can get one designed by a professional designer by opting for custom eCommerce development services. A dedicated page will give you an edge since customers will automatically be presented with suitable gifting options.

  • Or, say a particular customer purchased an item from you last year. Then their purchase history can also be used in the newsletter or the email, reminding them of their purchase and suggesting similar items that they can try this year.

    Either way, you need to lead them to your product page.

  • Win them over with a catchy subject line

    Sending reminders and emails is good, but how can you be sure about them opening your mail? According to email open statistics by Hubspot, about 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. So, unless your email subject line is catchy enough, no one will even bother opening your email, let alone making it to your product page.

  • For example, something like this:

    Super cool Father’s Day gifts under $100 for your own superhero!

    This one is catchy and informs the recipient that your gift collection is affordable since buyers can get super cool gifts under $100. You can get your creative juices flowing and come up with something that compels the recipient to open and check out your email as well as your eCommerce page. As for the conversions, they’ll depend on your store’s attractiveness and optimization. To ensure proper optimization, you can also go for eCommerce store optimization services and hire professionals who know their way around eCommerce SEO.

  • Quirky and intriguing pages using Father’s Day quotes and dialogues

  • Consider this page design by Land’s End:

Notice the clever use of one-liners that most dads around the world use. The layout is well defined and the complete frame displays quite suitable gift suggestions. The ‘things dads say’ bring a smile to a buyer’s face. Implementing something like this can be a great move to drive in some visitors as well as conversions. Besides this, you can provide gift ideas for not just fathers, but grandfathers, fathers-in-law, and godfathers too. For example,

Thank your father-in-law for watching the kids on countless weekends when you really needed to make those work trips. Let him unwind and relax with this set of comfy pajamas!

This clearly induces emotion and is effective in capturing customer attention as well as conversions.

  • Gift cards

    No matter how well someone knows their father, they might still not be able to choose a gift for them. A gift card comes in handy for fathers who are a bit too choosy. As an eCommerce store owner, allow shoppers to buy gift cards and implement suitable cashback offers so that the buyers need not think twice before purchasing one.

  • Build and send segmented gift guides

    Shoppers never mind a little help. If anything, they will appreciate it. In fact, 28% of Americans indicate that they’ll trust an online retailer for gift ideas for their father. This is where your gift guides or freshly organized pages will finally pay off. And not just for conversions, but building trust with the customers and maybe even customer retention once they find you helpful and dependable.

    The best thing to go for here is segmenting your gift guides according to different categories. For example, make a separate gift guide for shoppers whose fathers are more into sports and athletics. Include items like caps, wrist bands, polo t-shirts, golf sets, sports gear, etc., if your eCommerce store deals in Men’s fashion clothing. Similarly, you can create gift guides suggesting suitable gifts for the adventurous, handyman, love-to-cook dads. Now you can start sending them to the shoppers based on their purchase history and shopping patterns.

    Depending on your eCommerce store, you can also target different types of shoppers. The study by NRF also pointed out that this Father’s Day, 45% of Americans will be looking for something unique and different for their father. And about 35% will want to go for something that creates a special memory. So for the former, you might want to come up with a unique gift idea. Organizing special combos with personal messages might work. For the latter, you can promote items that invoke sentiments. For example, a meaningful greeting card, a cute frame, or a personalized diary with the buyers’ choice of words imprinted. The intent must be to offer something that gets the buyers’ attention immediately.

    Apart from these, you must never forget about keywords and trending Father’s Day hashtags. Opt for eCommerce SEO services if you’re unsure how to optimize your website right, but don’t even think about skipping it. The aforementioned tips paired strategically with marketing efforts will definitely help in bringing in some great conversions for your eStore.

    How SunTec India Fits Into The Picture

    Not really prepared for Father’s Day? You have got nothing to worry about. Professionals at SunTec are well aware of the tactics that can get help you grab maximum customer attention and increase your sales. Just avail our eCommerce store optimization services to get your store optimized for this Father’s Day. Write to us at to get started.

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