Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics worth Testing for Yourself – Part II

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Once you have implemented an effective social media strategy in place, you can use these social media marketing tactics to drive more traffic to your eCommerce website and grow your business:

Optimize your social media posts: Use high-conversion keywords to boost the visibility of your posts, which will help you to reach out to a larger customer base. Keyword research is imperative to identify the search terms your customers are using to find content related to your business. Add visual elements to your post, wherever possible, to make the content more interesting for your customers.

Share the right content: Don’t promote sales content on social media platforms, since it tends to do more bad than good. Instead, share informative content that is useful to your potential customers. Make it more engaging and interactive experience for your customers by posting news, stories and other entertaining content. It is always best to balance promotional content with one that entertains, educates and informs customers.

Use reviews as a marketing tool: There is nothing like a positive customer review for your business. Understand the power of customer reviews. Let your customer reviews do social media marketing for your business. Unique, informative and honest customer reviews are powerful because your potential customers are more likely to rely on product assessment made by your existing customers. As many as 88% consumers trust online customer reviews as much as they believe in personal recommendations.

Add social sharing buttons to your product pages: Adding social sharing buttons for Facebook, twitter, etc., on product pages can be useful in driving traffic to your website. Also, consider adding social sharing buttons in prominent areas of your website.

Interact with followersSocial media platforms are the best place to network and interact directly with your existing and potential customers. You can engage with your followers on a regular basis, respond to their queries, participate in discussions and much more. It is a great way of letting your customers know that you care, which can help your customers to build trust and long term relationship with your business.

Post regularly: Posting content consistently is crucial for customer engagement. Regular content updates keeps your followers interested and can help in driving more traffic to your website. Content posting frequency will depend on the market your business belongs to, however consistency holds the key to a successful marketing strategy.

Start a blog: Having a steady stream of engaging content is quite challenging for any eCommerce business. One of the solutions to this problem is maintaining an active blog section, having educational and inspirational content, so that you are never out of topics or ideas. Apart from showcasing your business’s unique perspective, publishing a single blog post can generate hundreds of social media posts that can drive more traffic to your website.

Use hashtag: Hashtag allows your content to be discovered on social media platforms more frequently. It helps in expanding the reach of your posts and provides scope for better interaction.

Keep it short and simple: Informative yet precise content attracts more customers on social media. Your followers are more likely to share and respond to compelling, short, visual posts since these can be easily interpreted and passed on to others.

Use paid advertising: You can take your social media marketing campaigns to a new height, if you have the budget for LinkedIn, Facebook ads or promoted tweets, which can be linked to your product pages. Targeted ads can be really helpful in boosting traffic to your website in a short span of time.

To give your business an edge over your competitors and to enhance customer engagement, make sure that you have the right social media strategy and tactics in place.

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