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Dec 26, 2017

How Data Enrichment Services Help In Market Identification

Dec 26, 2017 Data, Data Enrichment Services, Web Scrapping Services

Profit earning is the primary objective of business organizations. The best way of enhancing profit is to expand your sales- customer base. Since marketing campaigns are largely based on data, building accurate, current and relevant data should be your central concern. However, doing this is not a child’s play!

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Dec 12, 2017

Retailers, Don’t Fear Amazon

Dec 12, 2017 Amazon Product Listing, Amazon Product Management

Amazon made a record breaking launch a few days ago in Australia. Its entry down under has sparked up fierce competition in the retail market. It however, brings promising prospects for various retailers and merchants seeking online expansion and also in quarters faced with inventory management and logistic hardships. It comes up as an alternative for various sellers, looking to tap the eCommerce market. Amazon’s reputation as a global eCommerce giant is there to boost the presence of retailers.

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