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Asset Research, Media Rights & Permissions

Have you ever wondered – how does the digital space define various parameters pertaining to rights and permissions such as language, territory, duration, etc.? Do you require separate rights for smartphones, eReaders and tablets?

Get The Rights – Right!

Securing digital permissions and rights can often be an extremely complicated and time consuming process. SunTec leverages its decade long experience in digital publishing together with a team of qualified researchers to proficiently handle procurement of media assets like content documents, images, video, audio, animations fonts, stylesheets, metadata, and other resources, ensuring that they are visually and legally compliant across regions, languages, devices, etc.

Our team of dedicated acquisition and rights specialists can:

  • Determine fair-use content available in public domain
  • Identify content with clear rights, or available for use or sale
  • Identify content with partial clearances and accompanying complications for otherwise obtainable rights
  • Manage new contracts and agreements
  • Conduct research for digital assets acquisition
  • Manage all permissions and rights

SunTec effectively manages digital assets for several high-value clients every year through our client-exclusive digital asset management (DAM) systems.

We help you acquire, repurpose and efficiently manage your content, with complete dependability. Our rights and assets permissions team provides leading organizations with unmatched insights into the booming market of procuring media rights for developing digital content.

Get Started!
With our Asset Research, Media Rights & Permissions, find out how we can help you deliver services that significantly boost performance while reducing related costs and liabilities. Please write to us at info@suntecindia.com.