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SunTec introduces a unique approach to keep its employees productive in work from home setup

As the COVID-19 pandemic creeps in, companies all over the world are mandating or encouraging work from home set up to keep a safe environment. While many companies have embraced remote working effectively, several organizations are still trying to adjust to this paradigm shift. However, remote working comes with its own sets of challenges like distractions, social isolation, less collaboration, etc that lead to a lack of productivity in employees. To overcome these challenges, SunTec India has come up with new ways to manage and collaborate with employees and enable more ways for employee productivity.

Being one of the most prominent IT outsourcing companies since 1999, SunTec India is working remotely to offer robust, customizable, and productive solutions. As extending the in-house culture into the virtual world can be challenging, SunTec is proactively finding ways to make remote employees feel valued and help them increase their productivity level.

As work from home is becoming the new normal, SunTec is cultivating a unique approach to boost productivity in work from home setup in the following ways:

  • Equipping the team with tech & productivity tools: As a measure to help the team stay connected and productive, SunTec provides the entire team with collaborative tools and product management tools. The company also encourages the use of video conferring apps for better connectivity like Zooma and Google Hangouts to stay connected while everyone is working remotely. As employees collaborate with their team members while working on Google drive together, it helps them boost their productivity and brings a sense of responsibility.
  • Allocating fixed working hours from home: One of the biggest challenges to improve work productivity in a work from home setup is allocating work hours. Thus, the management at SunTec encourages its employees to set apart work hours, respective to their work shifts. Allocating fixed work hours with specified breaks in between helps to maintain productivity & also makes sure that the work is delivered on time.
  • Making an actionable remote working plan: SunTec encourages its employees to make an action plan for each day. Before kicking off the day, preparing a “to-do list” and accomplishing all the tasks mentioned in the list is an effective way that helps the team to boost their productivity level. Having said that, micromanagement at SunTec is strictly not entertained, as employees are given the flexibility to complete the allocated tasks taking their time.
  • Encouraging dedicated workstations at home: Having a dedicated workstation ensures better productivity in employees, thus SunTec encourages its employees to make a small office setup at home. There is no compulsion for employees who cannot have a separate space to set up a workstation, however, employees who have free space are encouraged to have a specific workstation away from the home distraction for better productivity & results.
  • Building an environment of trust: SunTec highly believes that building a culture of mutual trust can work wonders. On this, Mr. Rohit Bhateja, Director of the digital division of SunTec says, “At SunTec we are highly focused on building a culture of trust. When we start trusting our team, productivity and accountability concerns automatically fade away at the workplace. This is also applied when our teams are working remotely. In a work-from-home scenario, we trust our employees even more & this inspires them to take care of their responsibilities & help them to perform at their best.”
  • Providing consistent feedback: Providing feedback makes every employee feel valued, and thus, SunTec is focused on providing regular feedback to its employees on their daily work and overall performance. If an employee receives appreciation or positive feedback, it motivates him/her to perform even better. On the other hand, if they are asked to improve their performance, they strive hard to perform better next time. This helps the company to enhance the productivity of its employees and make sure that everyone is performing at their best even while working from home.
  • Developing a portal to track daily attendance & performance: SunTec has its own portal developed where employees mark their daily attendance, fill their break time, segregate their work and fill in the details of the work done every day. This not just helps the employees to find all the work done at one place but also helps the managers to boost productivity level across the company as they can monitor the login time, logout time, total work done, time spent on each project, etc. at one place.

Following the above-mentioned way, SunTec India has smoothly embraced the “remote working culture” and is prepared to work in a similar fashion till the situation is favorable to work from the office. This approach towards maintaining a highly productive team in a work from the home setup is indeed an inspiration to other companies trying to adjust to the paradigm shift.